Beautiful Defender
53 Sinuous And Relentless Disciple
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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53 Sinuous And Relentless Disciple

She let out sharp cry when she got deep and big cut on across shoulder down from neck, this was precisely because between dodge moments she swayed her body in critical angles to dodge maximum and Dong Lu was observing her during combat.

This was his way, he first learned his opponent's next moves and cash them in his own way and used their moves against them.

She also noticed it that he was constantly chasing her with her own moves, now she considered it seriously.

Jiao Zi was an excellent learner and she had spent her years with complete devotion for her life skill practice, she was the most sinuous and relentless disciple of her Pure Imperial Class, her mentor were confident about her understanding of her sword practice and learning.

Life changing decision are made in matter of seconds either complete life would go useless sometimes after losing few critical moments which were called opportunities, she should not let him chase her this way, she thought for a while.

She breathlessly fought for next fifteen minutes and made two large cuts on his chest and arm, he clearly lost his temper and was raged now, his blood oozed from his deep wound, domineering rob was now tattered much, while Jiao Zi contrasted well her white robs with red abstract canvass.

He was sweating by continuous struggle to defeat and was desperate now to chase her away. Because of continuous three hours nerve pulling battle both were out of force, this was time for their final move, they both jumped up fell forward with pointed swords, he thrust sword where she was previously stood because she jumped in opposite direction with minor change in destination, fatal wound appeared on Dong Lu's neck and he fell downward facing ground while she was landed on ground opposite to him and support herself by digging her sword in ground, sweat was pouring from her face by mixed with her blood cheeks cut,

she awaited in this pose until three mentors announced her winner.

While judges announced her winner audience were as silent and still as there were snakes on their heads and if they moved, snake would sting them, death like silence and after five to ten minute in which they recovered and burst into endless chattering which school she belonged? Unable to accept new situation, they were looking awful.

Today three combats were in this arena so they awaited for next fight while chattering.

Jiao Zi was taken to her encampment where minor injuries were treated immediately and was instructed to take because she had qualified for finals.


Occupied a corner Jen was in contemplation, when she heard that Jiao Zi was back she went to see her, she was confident about Jiao Zi, this big sister would not show mercy to her opponent and she was relieved to see that she was fine and had qualified for finals.

She did not disturbed her because she was instructed rest, she smiled to look at her, and it was good to have such genius big sister.

She went back to her corner only two days were left in Contemplation Disciples battles, she did not spend three years in Pure Imperial Class hence lack many things which only Pure Imperial Class Mentors could teach her and she eager to participate in Imperial Selection Competition, she convince Dean that she wanted to take part in Imperial Selection Competition.

Whatever her present condition was not bad at all and she was confident too.

Presently she was more concerned about something and that was her legacy of golden almond odd little arrows which were strangely melted and absorbed into her body within her palm, when she first opened and placed them on her palm and found missing from there.

She was in hurry to head toward Imperial Selection Competition and she did not notice much, looking at her now who was acquainted to her before could tell difference.


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