Beautiful Defender
54 Youngest Disciple Of Contemplation battles
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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54 Youngest Disciple Of Contemplation battles

Small arrow shapes appeared on nails of her both hands, even after she cut three times her extended nails, these arrow shapes remained on same spot and their color was golden almond, she don't know how to tell other if someone asked about it so she stretched her arm cloth to hide her hands in clothes.

Since she was contemplation student and among last registered, there were only five hundred disciples who were registered as contemplation students.

Nature made battle grounds were prepared for contemplation student battles.

Contemplation experts were rare in numbers still more than fifty experts and mentors were hired to cover the event regarding Contemplation Battles.

During Contemplation Battles it was highly likely that those who were between Two Armors Five Insights Levels might drop and might burst energy unnecessary which could prove deathly and devastating not for opponent but for itself so few experts would handle those fatal situations.

It was not easy to become mentor as well as disciple of Contemplation for the reason if one could not hold back itself would be destroyed from Earth with its own Two Armors, it was saying that only chosen would be expert of Two Armors.

Only two contemplation disciples of Yellow River were qualified to enter in Imperial Selection Competition Chao Yin and Jen Ming.

Many schools who were poor in Contemplation disciples were put first for combats consequently that it would be tranquil to shuffle low level students.

Her first combat was with Zhangue State disciple of Blade Storm Life Skills School Hue Lan. Every match would observe by five Mentors as well as Judges, judges were on high alters while mediators were behind strong stone walls on four sides were much beyond actual place of fighters.

Both were facing each other, she was only sixteen and it was fact which could be easily observed by just one look at her, Hue Lan was little uneasy because it was huge difference he was Pure Imperial Class disciple and very well learned and in front of him was only sixteen years old girl, was it to disgrace him? He thought to himself.

Soon he felt pity for the girl because if she was here that meant she was qualifies to stand in front of him.

All five judges were also little to see her, it was her first match that means she was lowest among Contemplation disciples, they simply admired her courage in their hearts if she lost this match, they would not look down on her because she was really youngest among Contemplation disciples in previous fifty years history.

She was dressed white robs with blue borders along plastron, thump ring golden almond crossbow across shoulders and quiver at her back with arrows, she did not hide her hands for the reason that everyone, judges, mentors and even her opponent was at substantial distance, impossible for them to observe small arrow shapes on her finger nails.

She was active and prepared while Hue Lan was in linen overall with slight leather bag containing sharp edges Blades, he was learned in Blades Life Skill along with Contemplation, on both hands were knuckles for safety purpose.

He was nearly prepared since was constantly looking at crossbow which was at her back across shoulders.

He was little confounded too.

Judges were also impressed by her luck to have such peculiar looking and unique crossbow.

A bell of gong signaled for them to begin combat, her appearance of harmless girl remained as it was but Hue Lan aggressively produced sharp edges metal blades and they along with his contemplation gradually heat sustained to make grim Dominion of Rage in which metal blade disseminated much forbidding sharp edges blade shadows.

He rounded blade over his head and flung toward her, it looked many blades were heading toward her, it seemed air was obediently following what the blade was taught by its owner.

She was unwilling to move and everyone was concerned if those blades approached her, in case much less damage her clothes would be shredded into pieces.


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