Beautiful Defender
55 Jen Wanted To Become Renowned On Purpose
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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55 Jen Wanted To Become Renowned On Purpose

Hue Lan thought he just put extra effort to defeat harmless girl.

She did not rose up her hands to launch her arrow instead she extended her peace dominion which was variant to rage, silent and peaceful dominion minutely traveled toward and stopped after creating powerful boundary, Hue Lan thought that he would have to break her dominion she he prepared to break apart but as it reaches rival dominion, peaceful wind swallowed up rage fire red blades and a soft happy wind started to play with her hair.

Everyone squinted eyes to see more clearly but was already clear she had welcomed fire red blades in her dominion, was she mad? Many thought.

To allow to enter one's territory means to give way other person for win while she did not looked guilty either after doing this.

The moments in which others were struggling to find answers of their self-made questions she embark upon this small attack, even she could use this attack to through back at its owner, she was really dissatisfied not because of attack anything but because Hue Lan certainly took her too lightly.

She wanted to give him another chance moreover she was not here to merely participate Imperial Selection Competition win or lose, she wanted to establish the grandeur of Yellow River back to full bloom, she had witnessed many things in Yellow River, disappointed faces of Protectors and even Dean himself.

She had heard rumors about unstable condition of Yellow River that they lack free experts.

If she could not help stable her school how she could even have guts to find whereabouts of her father's clan remaining people and help her father sought revenge.

There were few unsettled things about her legacy, she was impotent to decipher secrecies hence she should make herself known so that those mysteries sought after her.

This was dare plan she had in her mind since she read legacy letter left behind by her father, she was deeply in her Insights and learning relentlessly to make herself unyielding.

Soon she outspread and loose her grip then everybody could see that it was useless in front of her, it was laying on ground in front of her, ah! Everybody could only utter.

Hue Lan was not emotionless now, how could he bear such disgrace, two options one was to accept defeat and second to defeat her, his choice would be undoubtedly second one.

He was famous in Thunderous Storm of Blades Technique, his last move and final choice, one after the other several blades appeared from his leather carrier bag unceasingly, four corner blades were sharp and condescend they were moving at incomparable speed around his stature.

Slowly formed a blade storm which surrounded his stature completely, he was second level of Insights with mild touch of Inferno Stage, she could see easily because of her advanced approach of Fifth Level Insights in Two Armors and this was also extreme display of his learning toward Blade Storm Technique.

His dominion was prepared to attack, his hands pointed toward her, with unexpected action blades pierced through ground and appeared within her dominion with more disparaging force.

They did not seem to be interrupted by her, the blades were constantly moving and making wind storm with burning sensation.

The datum was little diverse now because they were under switch of Jen Ming, though she never learned any technique before, for the reason that of her Insights it was lot more easy to grasp the techniques of others, use attacks as her defense if attack was made with any special technique, just as he made choice to use technique, he was half lost before actual attack.

With a full swing of her hand she directed blade storm in the direction of Hue Lan, he only learned how to attack with blade storm but he never learned to defend against blade storm and this blade storm was four times stronger than his own attack.
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    《Beautiful Defender》