Beautiful Defender
56 Common Interest Table Talk Camp
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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56 Common Interest Table Talk Camp

It felt that from her present abode to her opponent stature, it was under her territory, a strong wave of heat swept toward Hue Lan, he could not run with the fact that he was completely unable to defend himself from this strong wave, for few moments he forgot that this strong wave was carrying his attacked blades but they were no longer related to himself.

He truly felt helpless against this attack. Mediators did not notice and that their hands were touching their opened mouths.

For mentors, it was just start up warm up session, nothing worth of an Ah!

Tearing his dominion apart and then several blades brushed past him and several hitting on his stature and barbed his skin clothes and then skin, countless wounds appeared shredded pieces of clothes, his appearance got pitiful with this single strike, he was way too naive in his judgement few minutes ago.

He was looking like old white pine with dripping blood, winner was undoubtedly this youngest girl of this competition, among mentors Dark Moon School mentor Yao Yang was sitting and was keenly observing because her next combat was with genius disciple of Dark Moon School Jhong.

They spent much effort and resources over his training, they had hopes for him to be among top experts of Contemplation but now their hopes were in dangling position.


Common Interest Table Talk Camp, these camps were relatively lively because continuous stream entering and leaving students belonged to different life skills schools encampments.

One huge table was occupied by Xhinge State students, they were talking randomly and freely, other tables were also occupied by different students, because of its exaggerated vast space, this Common Interest Table Talk Camp could host thousand students and seven such camps were built for the reason that other than students there were commoners, and sponsors and many more belong to different walks of life and being there meant that they were part of this interest, so these camps also host variants.

Apparently this particular camp was looking like fish market because everyone was freely chattering non-stop.

Few students entered in and suddenly all previous commotion went silent, these disciples were Miang State geniuses of Contemplation, as soon as they entered the atmosphere changed immediately, mouth publicity had already spread to the extent that Miang State would produce experts this year and inkling was that two experts would emerge after many high grade battles from these five disciples.

There was a table amidst of camp which was centered and usually mentors would occupy that table because of its better position and domineering view, presently some skinny disciples of Barren Hawk Life Skills School from Xue Ming State were sitting idly and were babbling haphazardly and were sharing their experiences of their battles in Imperial Selection Competition performances they displayed voguish.

Xue Ming State was where previous battle was fought with the enemy of Zhang Ming Dynasty. Because of its most of barren land their resources were equal to naught much less to produce experts.

How they were supposed to produce experts when most wealthy Sates were unable to appear among top grades.

Disciples of Miang Sate caught the site of that table and found some skinny student sitting there, these fellas were arrogant and don't catch anyone in their eyes except mentors, since that table was like a high place and there were sitting only some lowly disciples which was enough to displease them.

Since Miang State was exceptional to produce such talented experts, they always thought that every high position was meant to them.


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