Beautiful Defender
57 Skinny Fella“s Stubbornness
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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57 Skinny Fella“s Stubbornness

Looking at them they headed toward central table with every step they took they intend only increase grim aura which could easily be felt by others even from blind distance much less a weak target, soon surrounding air felt warmer to near sitting students, they were thinking to retreat, anyone could tell that fright was on its way.

Near central table Jen Ming and her fellows were sitting they also caught the surrounding, Jen could tell the purpose behind the act of Miang State disciples just to threaten them, it was common one who possess strength wanted to possess central table, since the disciple of Xue Ming State were weak in comparison they would surrender their seats and everything would be peaceful.

Miang State disciple reached soon one of them slapped on table and Xue Ming State disciples stood up except one of them they were willing to give up on their seats, one who slapped the table frowned at the one who was still sitting and chuckled,

"It looks you don't love your life" he sneered and replied "To give up one's seat is to give up one's and I don't intend to" he answered firmly without moving from his seat.

"Hahaha! A piece of dust could talk about pride, I wonder what made you proud?"

As soon as words left his mouth he slapped ruthlessly to him, everyone in the camp was sure that these Xue Ming State disciples would leave this central table if someone powerful came but they never thought that one of them would be so reluctant and wish for pride, what sort of pride? Only powerful could claim to be proud.

This skinny fella was really stubborn.

But his stubborn attitude angered Miang State disciple and slapped, group of Jen Ming stood up when they looked at the plight of skinny disciple.

That slap was much powerful, his mouth squirted blood with teeth and his face dripped blood because cheeks was severally damaged.

Before he could pose a second slap, powerful rage slowed down his movements and he looked around in displeasure which cause more anger in him, she was standing his left hand table.

For movements he could only remained astounded to see this world defeating beauty but after few movements he felt dishonored by a beautiful girl, she should learn how to behave in front of powerful person rather than displeasing him, he thought.

He ignored her and sneered out loud, "Is this camp is filled with prideful ants out of nothing?" and to threaten her eyed her coldly.

Jen was sure of one thing that Xue Ming State disciple would not leave his seats because of his self-respect.

To be weak in power is one thing and to be weak in self-respect is other thing, since one could stand for self-respect it should be treated warmly and guarded powerful, to reserve one's power for oneself was shameless and she was not such kind of shameless.

Miang State disciple was wanted to grinned that skinny fella into pieces and he certainly ignored that world conquering beauty, his quick and suffocating force lepta at that skinny fella and coughed blood because of forceful suffocation.

It was no time for Jen Ming to hold back herself, she jumped into suffocating central point and stood close to skinny fella, she was burning with rage but afore she designed Obsolete Piece Layer for skinny fella from any further damage.

Many surrounding people retreated looking at this turn of event.

His breath gradually got stable, Miang State disciple did not reduce hid forceful suffocation instead he added his rage to the extent which was burning far enough surrounding disciples who were not part of this event, she did not move an inch to retreat.


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