Beautiful Defender
58 Introduction Manual With Second Battle
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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58 Introduction Manual With Second Battle

Anger was not her passion rather there was no harm to show it at right time.

She continued to increase the strength of her rage though it was slowly increasing but disciples of Miang State could clearly feel the strength level in which it was increasing, they were not sure about her Level of Contemplation but they could tell it was getting high with jumping quarters, her face blushed with excessive heat but she continued hitting heels high she wanted to know how much he could sustain and how much she could laps?

Miang State disciple were at loss, they felt that this girl was on bet of her life to finish them, soon they started looking miserable because her rage was pinching like needles and this pinching sensation was growing unbearable.

What sort of energy source was this?

And what kind of Technique of Contemplation she learned through?

Whatever she was up to they were not willing to stand it anymore.

Under the pressure of her rage they started to retreat but they would not let this grudge a way until they take revenge. Hopped backward and left from exit hastily.

She knew it very well once they felt any threat they would not stay any more, this matter could reach mentors and administration if they insisted to settle the matter by force any longer.

They could report their encampment about the presence of such harsh Contemplation student in the competition.


Small battle ground were replaced with large battle grounds, she was familiar with this school and their mindless chappies, she prepared and entered in battle ground, Jhong was already prepared.

Because of grudge between them he would go beyond his bounds to venture her fall.

He would flat on his previous anger and avenge for his fellows to this girl.

Dark Moon School was considered among the rivals of Yellow River and opposers of its membership of League of School.

It was better eliminate Dark Moon School from Contemplation battles and this would be her first time execute attack first in any battle.

She adjusted arrow with crossbow, this was also first time that her cross bow would be in action and mentors were little jealous of having in possession of such treasure, they only heard about few Sage Experts who only existed in myth tales had such treasure.

Many got envious and asked about the background of girl and origin of her school etcetera.

She shoot an arrow with Layers of Obsolete Stage, it would determine how far her attacks could prove impeccable and flawless also, she would be able to discern flaws.

Calm in appearance just like the owner and unfathomable, Layers point the nature of owner. Deep nature would create deeper and complex threads of Layer under Layers, thus Layers could be designed according to the will of owner.

Moreover if the owner enters in Five Levels of Layers, from the first Level which was Knowing, it was the beginning of understanding first Level, knowing was decisive familiarity with Contemplation Two Armors, it was further divided into Levels, initial, mid, midmost, high, higher most.

Second Level was Penetration Level with its respective divisions.

This Level basically provided access into inner basic and complicated threads of Five Layers of Peace Armor and Seven Layers of Fury Armor.

Owner learns many fresh methods to wear that powerful Layers of Two Armors conveniently, there are some hidden commas which were usually able to skip in first attempt of Contemplation.

Third Level was Intrusion, in first thought this Level would prove an attack by the owner on the Two Armors, why it was called intrusion this was unknown,

it should be called invasion but as the learner go through it Five respective sub-Layers one would be able to understand its naming intrusion.

Power which had been hidden in the threads got blasted open in this intrusion Level, there are two ways when it was got blasted.

First this power would go waste all Contemplation of the Owner and second power would be tamed by bits by owner of Contemplation.

It was as rare as a pure heart two Intrude complete power which was got blasted, Legends and Golden Legends were supposed to intrude all the power.
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    《Beautiful Defender》