Beautiful Defender
59 Introduction Manual With Second Battle 2
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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59 Introduction Manual With Second Battle 2

Fourth level was called Insights and this fourth level was sub-divided into two Extreme and Supreme Level, initially Insights strengthen the power to highest point to break into first Realm which was Expert Realm.

If the Contemplation Owner touch extreme high points, it would struck there remaining life and it would be impossible to develop further, though after one reached certain extent of Extreme Level would be called semi-expert or expert with no hope of advancement further.

When one was able to find Supreme Level would be owner of boundless power since Supreme Level comes with purity and perseverance, might there be other ways to hop up on higher levels that was unknown to many.


Out of four Contemplation Realms, Expert was first on, though it was rare but it was not impossible either.

Experts were classified further in five dignified positions as well.

Experts of first level would be called Adroit Expert of Contemplation of Two Armors,

second level was called Bravura Expert of Contemplation of Two Armors,

third level was called Ace Expert of Contemplation of Two Armors,

fourth level was called Savant Expert of Contemplation of Two Armors and fifth level was called Virtuoso Two Armors.

Fifth level was an accomplishment level of Expert Level so this attribute was not dragged with the word Expert hopefully.

First level of Adroit Expert of Contemplation of Two Armors, this level was first understanding of vast ocean of Expert Level and indeed beginning to learn various skills regarding one's Knowing and temperament needs of respective fields in this vast universe.

Why it was rare to produce Expert in Zhang Ming dynasty and other Empires as well because of its airspace limits and its light threads and designed of its wavelength and its archaic fabric of dated model, it could not uphold enlightenment as medium for further Knowing.

Second Realm was called Sage Realm of Contemplation.

Third Realm was Legends Realm, forth Realm was Golden Legend Realm.

All these Realms were higher level Realms and were told in mythologies even students of Contemplation could only sigh after they learned from Introduction Manuals.

What Sages, Legends, Golden Legends look like they could only imagine.

Every Contemplation student was willing to cross obstacles which were hindrance in their advancement but may could only dream such thoughts.

Geniuses of Contemplation were respected wherever they went.

It was said that one who chooses Contemplation and learn through its levels was fated to Contemplation, some went further in saying that contemplation itself chooses its learners, it was all talking of hoi polloi, to what extent was there truth nobody knows.

She thought it to be this.

Her treasure was extraordinary no doubt, but her learning was too extraordinary.

Her behavior was learned and reserved.

She looked like familiar with crossbow from decades.

She belonged to Yellow River and her background was unknown.

Who was she?

Her Obsolete Stage opened up with her Life Skill everyone could see her attack which was simple as this Stage was in simple terms, a harmless arrow shot up. Her dominion was unclassified for many. On other way Jhong was ready with his Dragon Claw Crescent Knife War Hyde.

He was little scared from his previous confrontation with this girl.


He brought in action his Dragon Claw War Hyde and collided with arrow both armors clashed each other.

This sound was not the collision sound of armors indeed but the collision of dominions both were using extreme and minute roll-out because of their intentions to defeat.

His knife was cutting edge and her arrow was pinching, fresh dominion could stand any shot but as it went long, there appear gaps in the dominions.


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