Beautiful Defender
60 Supreme Decorum
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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60 Supreme Decorum

Her Layers were not fierce but deepening into bones of opponent to disfigure the core of Contemplation which was emanating power to release any defense.

Thus making it a different attack type for the owner and difficult for the opponent.

Since Contemplation masters and mentors were presented they could limn and delineate nook and pull of battle.

Crossbow itself was glowing and it was apparent that the girl had not grasped the true ability of crossbow and its different functions.

Crossbow and Crescent Hyde were playing part in defense of their dominions, soon both dominions dispersed without any trace, Crescent Hyde fell and was collected by its owner Jhong but the arrow was nowhere to be seen.

Indeed everybody inferred that both armors fell but actually it was only Crescent Hyde and arrow was missing.

Was it just misconception that mediators only hoped that an arrow was shot up and it was only dominion of girl which was defense and force field to attack but how could it be only misconception they saw it with naked eyes, how could it be illusionary?

Which thing disperse the dominion of opponent then?

And then she waved her hand, yes she separated her dominion from herself and let her arrow absorb that unique attribute which belong to Jen Ming, she shifted it on arrow and arrow went missing, so that was the case! All their faces showed expression like 'so this was what happened'.

Separated dominion was pressing against Jhong and he was struggling to free himself from this pinching sensation and suffocation.

He was getting anxious by seconds, his breathing was going sparse and his face reddened with lack of oxygen that stifling atmosphere was unbearable anymore and he bent down with the force which was pressing against him from every side.

His face paled by seconds, his endurance was truly at its verge and when that dominion stopped its attack because its owner retracted it back.

After the air cleaned up an arrow was struck on his right shoulder, his face was green now with excessive endurance, a line of blood squirted out from his mouth, his eyes were red, just when she retracted her dominion astonishment appeared on the face of few mentors, this ability was unique and was hardest to achieve that only experts were related to this special dernier cri even many mentors and judges could only sigh because after a long practice and ordeal, it was still dry run for them, few of them twitched their eyes in apprehension, this girl would surely be renowned presage in future.

To learn that others high levels were still dreaming she had learned in such young years, they could predict her promising achievements in future.

He pulled back the arrow which was dug into his shoulder and stood with effort she did not attack and waited for him to stand, this was an act which many were curious about because once an opponent went in defenseless state his rival would strike back to profit from this weak moment.

Defeating rivals in this way was logical act for anyone because in their eyes loser get nothing only winner was consider for some value rather than the way they choose to win.

Her act was illogical in the eyes of many and they were thinking why she did not take advantage of her opponent's weak defense?

What was she thinking by the way?

Instead she was calm, she was not thinking anything, she was just waiting for her opponent to prepare for next action or if he wanted declare defeat himself, and she would not take advantage for such things.

He stood up and looked at her, he was stunned that she did not attacked him instead was waiting calmly, impressive manners and excellent decorum, he had never witnessed such supreme attitude, he knew that Jen Ming belong to Yellow River and he never liked this school because of grudge between Dark Moon School and Yellow River.


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