Beautiful Defender
61 Abraded Claw Technique
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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61 Abraded Claw Technique

Dark Moon School disciples hated students of Yellow River and their fright was mainly because of grudge for students of Yellow River, this girl fought with fair and up right manners back then and now she waited for him despite the fact that she could simply win in this situation, what a fine manners?

Rather than this he had to fight till the end in hope of win.

He exerted his full strength despite knowing that his wound was bleeding and swung his Dragon Claw Crescent Hyde with Abraded Claw Technique, this technique was classified to shatter powerful dominions.

It could form powerful self-sharp curves in its defense and could continue attack at the same time squarely putting its target.

A fierce storm appeared within dominion of Jhong and moved toward Jen Ming.

She could choose to dodge it or she directly target the attack, it was up to her choice.

She knew breaking it apart would consume less effort because this attack purpose was clearly double edge attack and defense so she had to choose enhanced route.

Both Armors were unique in its characteristics and attributes, there were several hundred functions they could perform, it only depends on the owner or learner that how much he could unfold from them.

Clarity comes after purity.

Her Nobility Stage was perfect and with the power of Third Level Insights, she could hold things well. She released her dominion of Nobility Stage, Insights were powerful, steadily filled its dominions with powerful aura and thickness.

She shooted an arrow, arrow was on purpose only because Jhong needed to constantly guard his Abraded Claw Technique and he had to exert his full strength continuously, in this case she don't need to put an attack on him but arrow could guarantee her double defense so she shooted.

Howling wind stormed toward her.

Scrabbling sounds were irritating for ears, attack zone of dominions bore unbearable and unbeatable chance to fend off other.

Her Nobility Stage prepared to soak even sliver of evil in the opponent attack that was quality of her Nobility Stage, in this way attack could be reduced in to minor attack and then her single arrow would put its small effort to come out from this easily.

Everyone who practiced Contemplation had its limits except few supreme learners, their upper limits were always astonishing but for others that was rare too.

Jhong started to gather left over force in his body to support his Abraded Claw Technique, scratching sounds were growing more and soon it turned like a woman wailing because of low power source, his condition was going worse and he was unable to stand it anymore.

This Jen could see clearly because she was bearing his attack, she understood that he wished a dignified defeat.

Contemplation Battles were always fascinating and blood microwaving so mediators specially travel through kingdom to make an audience for any Contemplation battle because it was something that many could fantasy only.

Nobility Sage forced back the attack clearing the territory of its owner then used up the power which was fueling the attack because of crossbow which fired the arrow, small and tiny golden almond particles were also working with Nobility Stage, they were not visible to naked eye but only if one gave special attention to the field where center of attack was coping.

It could be seen through with minute view.

Abraded Claw backed down due to counter force and that was to bend him again, her third Insights was at its peak and it was crushing down ruthlessly.

He force himself up to stand and mean time an arrow struck him with blasting force which sent him backward few meters. He was not in position to stand anymore.

After waiting for few minute, judged declared her winner and she left the arena to derive back in encampment of Yellow River.


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