Beautiful Defender
62 “Okla. Fiema Greets Dean Yellow River“
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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62 “Okla. Fiema Greets Dean Yellow River“

There were mentor and two assistants of her which were allotted by Dean of Yellow River, they accompanied to her.

It was necessary because after a Contemplation Battle ends, its participants usually got weak due to battle and the fellows or assistants would accompany to ensure the safety of winner or participant. Normally grudges were not allowed to pageant in Imperial Selection Competition but it was possible to fall in trap of envious one.

During battle a mentor was keeping careful eye on the girl, he also learned in archeries and when he looked at the golden almond crossbow under the possession of small girl, he was taken aback.

What he wished in his training?

Extraordinary crossbow much less a treasure crossbow, his eyes got widened and never left the girl.

He sneakily kept his eyes on this girl and when Jen Ming left arena to go back in encampment, he was still chasing.


"Okla. Fiema greets Dean Yellow River," central table of Common Interest Table Talk camp was filled with different Deans of various Life Skills Schools, Dean of Yellow River was known for his mild temperament and down to earth character.

He stood up to pay back the greetings of Dean of Dark Moon School, Okla. Fiema was little embarrassed because of his past loose mouth words, Dean of Yellow River pointed him to sit on other side of table.

Other Deans were discussing on different topics related to non-Contemplation Competition Battles results and Contemplation Battles present stats, dropping of different various schools and power rise of few low level schools as well and possible presence of Adroit Expert of Two Armors of Contemplation.

"This year League of Schools Assembly would held right after the Imperial Selection Competition ends," an elder of League rose up and announced.

After the announcement discussions regarding the matters of League of Schools broke out. Regarding other aspects of this assembly were to maintain some connections between top ranking and middle and low ranking Life Skill schools, in which they would share their learning and experiences.

Every years this Assembly would allot its members different responsibilities, the highest the ranking of school the highest the responsibility would confer to it and with this that school would be given more respect and honor by other schools.

Imperial Selection Competition was place where mentors of various Sates and their Schools make friends with other States and share experiences thus a friendly air prime up and it assertively affects over all performances and learning so they respect each other on equal terms.

Mentors joined each other on formal discussions and friendly talk about advanced methods of various top ranking schools thus every mentor got familiar with other mentors downright.

Everyone was on its own way after a great battle of Contemplation, cheering and chattering.

Soon pathways got empty Jen was walking along with her mentor and two assistants, it was relatively remote area everyone went on their separate ways to join in Common Interest Table talk Camp or some went to attend Meal Halls so the area got exceptionally still.

It could be felt that air was also silent like whispering to someone's ears something reliable.

Two powerful silhouette appeared in their vision. Jen could sense presence of any danger so she stopped other three to take a look her surrounding, from their appearance they were mentors.

Mentors were given front to back golden strips to wear for identity from administration.

Being mentor was a respectful precision to express identity because mentors were respected everywhere.

This was sneaky mentor who was keeping eye on Jen for her golden almond crossbow with his sneaky friend, he had planned to snatch that crossbow from girl and then disappear from this State to avoid any further conflict.
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    《Beautiful Defender》