Beautiful Defender
63 Honor The Occupation
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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63 Honor The Occupation

This mentor and his friend belonged to Sky Fall Life Skills School of Great Ming State.

Her mentor stepped ahead and asked,

"May I know what these two fellows are after?" they were increasing their strong dominions.

It was agreed to just snatch crossbow and disappear, they were not willing to spoil their time in answering.

Looking at strong surge her mentor gestured one of assistants and himself started to prepare for a war. He was not sure about things, might Jen had defeated their disciples in battles and they were angry but from the looks it was not anger.

He thought to himself, is it possible that Jen had offended these two mentors but it was out of Question because Jen was pretty mannerly in every way and her decorum was always lovable.

He was completely in dilemma of situation when a thought crossed his mind. "Are they after her crossbow?" He trembled after this thought, shameless.

Jen Ming was also ready, it was unknown to them what they want but their attitude was filled with killing dominions.

Her mentor was old and retired, he only accompanied her because she strongly requested and pleaded him and he was also alacritous to see her battles so he agreed up on her request. Her mentor could see that Jen's dominion was really getting strong as per opposite side dominions got strong.

"What are you two respected mentors up to?" she asked them despite knowing that they were reluctant to answer.

Her dominions could sense the power of opponent so it flooded to compete the rivals.

They thought that this young girl was harmless and they could easily snatch crossbow but never in their dreams had they fingered it to be awe-inspiring, marvelous was the only word that came in their minds now.

They practiced a number of years to reach this stage of Contemplation and the small girl in front of them was already competing with them.

They felt that someone of low level slapped them despite of being them high chair.

Now snatching seemed difficult but they at least try their luck, both executed high profile techniques Slumber Tiger Technique, this technique could slaughter the dominion of rival gradually while the other technique was Nereid Gulp Technique, a strong nymph who could slander and them drop blind owner of any strong dominion leaving him crippled rest of life. Both techniques were lethal and terrible for practice and they were practicing these techniques from years.

Her mentor was taken aback, in his entire life, this act of two mentors was truly dishonoring the occupation of mentor-ship and he never seen such shameless mentors anywhere.

Her mentor was helping Jen but these two techniques were of highest pattern and he was much old to compete it.

The territory of both dominions of rivals expanded within seconds of implementation and started to suppress her dominion. She could only withstand for few minutes if she used up all her blasting force at the cost of her life.

Since she was beginner in Contemplation Field Practice, she lacked many basic techniques and learning.

She continued to power her dominion, it was about to burst when a heavenly dominion matched up with her dominion.

She felt collapsing but with match up she revived back to her senses.


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