Beautiful Defender
64 Death Retribution
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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64 Death Retribution

To whom this dominion belong to?

She thought and looked around, meanwhile top ranking judge and expert of Imperial Selection Competition descended close to her,

Gedeng… her heart beat up.

Out of several judges and mentors, this mentor was second most whom she idealized after knowing his background and learning.

She gathered information about him asking different mentors of her school, he was powerful existence among top-notch mentors.

Upon seeing his arrival sneaky mentors were at lose.

They only wished to snatch the crossbow and disappear, they never entertained any idea regarding the possibility to appear any other mentor to help her.

Once this news spread they would be doomed, only thought that crowded their brains was run away immediately, they were thinking about to retreat and disappear now, who could have thought that situation turned out to be this.

"How could these chappies be this shameless mentors?"

His voice accelerated throughout the place.

They still thought to run but where they could go now?

They moved back but there were more mentors who were surrounding their escape routes. Staggered by the words this top-notch expert mentor Jen looked toward him and bowed, "Jen Ming from Yellow River School pays respect to Mr. Gong Hue," if one happened to see one's idol it would be hard to express oneself properly yet she fared to express complete manners.

In presence of such expert mentor she don't need to paddle her fins to save her life like a fish. Surprised by her manners, he voiced, "Do this little miss know why these two mentors are after her?" he was casually flipping their left over dominion force which was equal to naught.

"This I certainly don't know Mr. Gong Hue though we asked them but they were reluctant to speak anything." Her answer was untainted and there was no intimation that she was hiding anything. "When I saw first I was sure that fellow students might create ruckus after seeing your crossbow but never in my thoughts that mentors would be this shameless, it's equal to dishonor other respectful mentors."

He was sure that this girl don't know the intentions of these two mentors because she was not wicked heart so he directed toward her, "Leave this matter with me, I will handle their problem, you should go and practice for next battle and focus on your learning."

"I'll leave then and will surly focus on my learning," it was not her way to nose up with unrelated matters so she bade farewell and left with her mentor and assistant.

She intentionally ignore those cheap methods of others to take what they were not fated too. When she left the place behind, she left behind every evil too.

She should focus on her learning so that in future she could become powerful, petty matters were not worth her concern. Din voice of Mr. Gong Hue perforate through their ears, both were standing in the middle and various mentors were contiguous around them, they could not produce any excuse for attempting on student, they were not supposed to standing among stupid's there were mentors who were top in their fields and had visionary eyes and ears and brains.

They were very well aware of this attempt to snatch a treasure from a student.

This sin was indelible their greed should be punished either they would never be able to stand their head high in future.

Everyone was thinking on the same line, "Do you know what kind of sin you both commit?" their heads were down, "And what kind of retribution it requisite?"

"Death should be the retribution of greed, only death,"

Both were ready to take this retribution because living a shameful life was more painful than death. "Everyone who is motivated by naked ambition and greed should be retributive with death indeed." Mr. Gong Hue announced because he was appointed by Emperor to check and doom for any sever misdeed during Imperial Selection Competition.

But misdeed was directly related to the honorary occupation and surrounding mentors were equally infuriated after knowing the incident.

"We all wanted to give retribution" they all sounded in composed tone, it would be lesson for next generation."

Mr. Gong Hue looked at crowed and nodded.

Everyone executed Rage with equal density and power, soon the place went into a state of burning lava, their clothes burned and then their bodies looked like withering by rage heat like a mass sent into lava and that mass withers.


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