Beautiful Defender
65 Meal Hall
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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65 Meal Hall

Mr. Gong Hue collected back his normal composure and ordered his sub-ordinate to immediately strip off the license of Sky Fall Life Skills School of Great Ming State.


Jen headed toward Disciples Meals Hall with her fellow students, whole day was tiring.

Thirty disciples of Yellow River were recruited in Imperial Army after non-Contemplation Battles results were out and two disciples of Contemplation were doing well up till and it was enough to help re-stand the honor of Yellow River again.

Many schools who were previously speaking against Yellow River now buttering and flattering in front of Yellow River Mentors.

Who were with grudges in their hearts were at tether ends to accept the superiority of Yellow River over them.

Large meal tables were arranged in Meal Halls and disciples were given 50% discount on every day meal while mentors were treated broadly with hundred percent free, only common people were charged 100%.

Meals were according to the need of participants and often Meal Halls were most decently organized place to sit and eat peacefully.

Don't need to make crowed in Meal Halls, if you did not find place to sit just find another hall, small conversations were allowed.

"You are talking that a Contemplation genius defended you, umm, you are average looking skinny man, why did a fairy like beautiful girl and genius of Contemplation defended unknown person?"

Since when did he heard from his fellow that a beautiful Contemplation genius helped his friend to sustain his seat in Common Interest Table Talk Camp Central Table, he was teasing his friend.

"That arrogant Miang State chappies were lucky that I was not present there, I would not have spared them either and would have teach them lesson,"

his other fellow slapped his chest, his mouth was filled with morsels and his cheeks were popping out with big amount of morsels in his mouth.

Not far from them another large table was occupied by Zhangue State disciples, their State lost in Contemplation Battles but over hundred disciples were recruited in Imperial Army which was equal to breath in smooth because Zhangue State would always focus on manual production of weapons and less interested to bring their children admit in schools.

So there were less schools in Zhangue State but hundred disciples to be recruited was excellent mark up.

Hue Lan was little disappointed because he was single hope for Zhangue State in Contemplation Battles but his counter was with powerful disciple though a young girl.

One aspect was clear she would prove tough time for others as well and he was really impressed to boot.

"How is it possible that you were unable to match her despite her young years and experience in battle." A tall sturdy and stout fellow of his Zhangue State chuckled.

"May be Hue Lan took pity on young girl, I have heard that girl is unmatched in beauty," a muscular buddy sneered to Hue Lan. Hue Lan lowered his thick eyelashes and concentrated on meal plate,

"That is not the case, I am little impressed at her Contemplation achievements, I'm not simply her match in Contemplation and between battle, for few times I felt inferior in comparison to her learning."

He did not rise his head above, his eyes were sparkling with glow and he was afraid that his fellows would suspect him for something.


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