Beautiful Defender
66 Recruited Soldier
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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66 Recruited Soldier

First time in his life a girl defeated him and he was feeling that he deserved defeat and he felt himself zero in front of her powerful learning.

Most men hate it if a girl defeated them but he was not feeling like this, he was feeling impressed completely.

Her smooth moves, her calm appearance, her deep understanding toward Contemplation.

When he thought it all he felt impressed.

"Why are staring at your meal plate?

Don't you want to eat? What are you thinking?

Don't worry about the girl, you will definitely become Contemplation genius in next few years learning, don't feel it burden, you can create more opportunities in future."

His sole friend who was sitting close to him lectured him politely. "I will definitely," he jeered with tenacity.

A table was empty by the side, a group of Yellow River disciples came and after taking their meal plates sat at their seats, larges table was enough to squeeze in the group of disciples.

Literally all tables were filled now with disciples conquering over their meals and gulping like hunting tigers.

Jen also took her plate and sat by the side of table. Muscle buddy of Zhangue State who was teasing Hue Lan previously looked at the girl who back to her seat after taking meal plate and was stunned for moments.

After gaining his senses back he looked at Hue Lan lamented to himself, he was sneering at Hue Lan before and when he himself encountered he was unable to keep consciousness for moments.

Indeed Hue Lan possess big guts and heart to actually withstand with this girl with complete consciousness.

He ridiculed himself inwardly, he knew her, her battle was with Jhong a powerful competitor and he was there as mediator.

He liked to see Contemplation Battles because he himself wished to be Contemplation disciple but his mentors told him that he was not suitable and proficient for Contemplation and now he was recruited in Imperial Army as non-Contemplation soldier.

He could only console his heart after taking a look at Contemplation Battles. Muscles buddy gestured Hue Lan who was busy in taking meal, "Is that the girl you battled in Contemplation," Hue Lan looked at direction which side muscle buddy gestured early and frozen to ground momentarily, she was about to sit next table to them.

Both were looking at her but there was huge difference in their look, Hue Lan impressed of her Contemplation prowess and muscle buddy was lost to see her beautiful looks.

When Hue Lan looked at muscle buddy he got irritated but did not interrupted him and muttered to himself, "She deserve to be praised."

When Yellow River disciples finish their meal, they went to pay the bill but the butler voiced them that a disciple of Zhangue State had paid their bills for a whole day meal of this group of Yellow River School.

They were surprised and dumbfounded to hear. Chao Yin asked out of curiosity,

"May I know who is that disciple that paid for us?"

Butler gestured toward exit of Meal Hall where muscle buddy was leaving with Hue Lan group, "That muscle man paid for your group," everyone turned to the Zhangue State disciple who for no reason paid for them. Jen Ming remembered Hue Lan who was with muscle man chatting.


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