Beautiful Defender
67 Royal Attendan
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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67 Royal Attendan

It seemed they knew each other and her first battle was with Hue Lan and they left from exit.

They were also intended to leave just when skinny fella interrupted her train of thoughts.

"Yuan Lu greets senior sister,"

skinny fella bowed to her, upon recalling him Jen also bowed to him.

Clearly she was younger than skinny fella but he addressed her senior out of respect.

"I was unable to say thanks to your saving grace because of my inconvenient condition, I hope this senior could ignore such negligence."

Her group fellows looked at her with curious eyes and she felt awkward, she even had forgotten about the happening, upon recalling him she remembered those Miang State arrogant brats.

"Xue Ming State's Yuan Lu is indeed incredible, where people don't dare to stand for the fear of death, this fellow stands without fear and courage has its assertive rewards then. I wish you would be great asset for your State in future."

Her brief compliment left her fellows stunned, they never heard her this talk so much. Yuan Lu felt grateful to hear then he introduced his fellows to her and her fellows, both groups left Meal Hall after sometime chatting each other.


Spacious royal camp was empty inside only middle-aged attendant was sitting.

Being royal attendant his appearance was also representable, there was nothing to do for him and he was feeling boredom to death, tired expressions were pasted on his face.

Service attendant knocked on door and he lazily looked up and intoned,

"Who is ignorant to disturb me?"

Service attendant shivered with fear and voiced,

"Service attendant seeking permission to enter in." "Hmmm… then come in," he waved his hands and a service attendant appeared in front of him.

Service attendant bowed deeply, "Speak" royal attendant yawned, "Err… I have received Emperor Order, here is the order letter."

Royal attendant jumped up from his seat, "Hurry, give it to me," he was immediately ready-witted as she had drunken energy boast drink.

He handed Royal Order Letter to royal attendant and then retreated out of royal camp. He hurriedly extended clutch in which was lying folded piece of paper.

He opened and read, his expressions were that of hypnotic, he ran toward right, he looked ghastly each and every thing then ran toward left straight, looked ghastly each and every thing again, everything was arranged very well.

He heaved a sigh of relief and then shouting at hundreds of service attendants, calling out by their names and ordered for preparations because Emperor was on his way to reach Royal Encampment to personally witness last few Contemplation Battles.

Emperor himself was a warrior and it was obvious that he would have keen interest too moreover this year Emperor's only son was also powerful contestant in Imperial Selection Competition. It was highly likely that he would emerge as one of Experts of Zhang Ming Empire so Emperor Stopover was also expected as well.

Royal attendant ordered to inform every encampment to immediately gather at both sides of royal carriage way to pay him respect.

He was like jumping ball done and arranged everything in fewer hours to welcome the Emperor. Most of people were surprised and excited to hear.

Everyone in their life was not so lucky to see Emperor closely or personally, they would tell their children and neighbors that they once welcomed Emperor Carriage.

Schools which were enlisted in last seven Contemplation Battles were feeling proud air around them, it was simply an honor to win the favor of Emperor.


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