Beautiful Defender
68 Emperor Justice
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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68 Emperor Justice

Everyone was in hurry; soon this commotion came to an end, "Look, in previous days he was idly sitting, carelessly, spending time and lazily yawning but now it looks he is young again to climb the mountain peak."

A service attendant eyeing the old royal attendant in previous days and now chuckled to see old man's swiftness race to do everything fine.

He was not really old but close to forty but he wore robs like old man.

His family was serving Emperor House from generations.

"I am also laughing to see his speediness," both looked at each other and burst into laughter. "Hurry up fellows either we'll be late for Emperor Welcome, he has approached."

Their other companions called them out with loud shouting.

Sideways were filled with crowd, they all were in same positions, deeply bowed. Royal carriage and other carriages, Elders and Courtiers with powerful troop of soldiers for the sake of Emperor Protection came into view.

Postilions were riding among the crowed on carpeted passage way, just near the Royal Encampment, curtains fluttered and Courtiers and Elders came out from carriages and they surrounded the sole carriage which was aimed of them.

Curtain fell and strong looking, stout and powerful figure appeared Emperor Ming, seeing his disposition, everyone bowed to him.

Emperor stopped there, glanced all around, he observed that things properly handled, satisfaction came on his face. Just he took first step and a person came rushing toward fell on knees, "I plead to Emperor for justice," Emperor looked at Gong Hue who was appointed head of enforcement matters, Gong Hue was puzzled also, immediate silence fell like chaos.

"Stand up and state your matter," Emperor voiced calmly, he was not irritated by this scene. "Reporting to Emperor, few days ago two mentors of my school were implicated and met their end unjust, I seek Emperor Justice," he fell again on knees.

Gong Hue came to understand the matter now, Gong Hue step forward and bowed to Emperor, there was question in Emperor's eyes which he understood.

He called out his assistant to bring disciple of Yellow River, her mentor and two assistants, within no time everyone was present.

Gong Hue pointed toward one of assistant and said, "This man came in Common Interest Table Talk Camp to report to his Dean about the matter, by way of chance I was present there, he talked about that two mentors were creating ruckus, I immediately followed and found the truth, the girl was in any time to collapse while facing them, I helped her to go back and pursue the matter and found guilty those two mentors, they were after the girl disciple for Heavenly Treasure which was in her possession, they were verdict to death because of the severity of crime,"

Gong Hue stopped his statement and bowed to Emperor.

Everything was crystal clear in front of him.

He looked at pleading man and stepped forward, slap echoed in surrounding and that man was sent flying many meters, clearly it mad Emperor infuriated.

How could a man commit crime and claim for innocence.


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