Beautiful Defender
69 Contemplation Discussion
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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69 Contemplation Discussion

Then he walked toward and a courtier was leading them they entered in encampment. Few men would stay at encampment and others were sent back to the Palace.

"Royal attendant reporting Emperor Ming," middle aged man stumbled and bowed to Emperor Ming.

"Kai let me know who is competing battle tomorrow," previous anger disappeared from his face. He went through paper in his hand and bowed, "Young Prince is battling with the disciple of Miang State Fang Qi tomorrow."

Emperor nodded, "I have heard his name as high ranking genius of Contemplation that means it will be tough battle for Prince but let him go through because if he is unable to win a single battle then how would he face countless battles of life in future."

A courtier whispered something in low magnitude in the ears of Emperor and Royal attendant sneakily tried hear it.

"Inform the military incharge to report the Emperor tomorrow," he ordered the courtier and he left. Royal attendant bowed and asked,

"Is Emperor wishes me to stay?" Emperor chuckled,

"You are simply annoying yet acceptable," Emperor Mood was lightened significantly. Royal attendant bowed,

"Sure Emperor is magnanimous to accept a trash," he lowered his eyes.


Before the final seven battles, five top ranking contemplation disciples were invited to share their experiences of learning with rest of fellows.

It would enlightened them and would help to know their possible restrictions which were hindrance in their advancement.

Five finalist were a girl called Jen Ming disciple of Yellow River School Chao Yin was defeated in a battle, Qi Jian Ming disciple of Heaven Thunder Mountain School, to disciples of Miang State and one disciple of Dang Ming State.

These five were invited in Common Interest Table Talk Camp to share their learning with other learners. Basically it would prove lively because anyone could question there.

Five disciples were standing in front of huge crowd and they were all gathered to listen to these geniuses of Contemplation.

"Contemplation is essentially dissection of heart and soul to where vigorous exertion of power is hidden in depths, humans only because of their limited knowledge take it as a place where emotion felt are bloom devoid of truth it is beyond sensations and susceptibility, Contemplation brings vulnerability into invulnerability."

A disciple of Miang State explained with statement.

Anyone could sense the air of superiority in which he was speaking yet his knowledge was surpassing the individuals.

His attitude and forbearance was exceptional.

He won focus of every individual. Everyone was in State of overwhelming appreciation to see these five Contemplation geniuses share their deep understandings and learning's.

A mentor level was mostly high but when a student interact with other student learning through shaving, it was considered favor and every favor paid with appreciation.

He completed his words and went back to his place.

Then next Miang state disciple step forward and spoke, "In fact it is the affective aspect of conscious awareness through learning, conscious fabric has its many levels in which consciousness is for most. In other perspectives conscious hidden force which resides in owner or tenant is tamed in Contemplation.

Thus Contemplation cultivation is mere daydream for ordinary folks."

He finished his piece with air of arrogance and in his eyes these people were worth no more than trash.
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    《Beautiful Defender》