Beautiful Defender
70 Contemplation Cultivation
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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70 Contemplation Cultivation

He was clearly exaggerating but his words brought despair to listeners.

A commotion broke out among fellow students, there were three top ranking mentors, they also looked with dismay toward this arrogant chap but they were somewhat agree with the words of this chap.

It felt that chaos fell immediately after the words of Miang State disciple.

He himself was confident that no one would refute his words.

Jen Ming stepped forward; she was unable to digest these words of Miang State disciple. She was indeed completely disagreed with the statement so she decided to step forward to amend the previous statement.

She clasped her hands and bowed to everyone,

"What this fellow has to say is not the concrete fact about Contemplation and its advancement, you all should remember, once Contemplation reaches its absolute refined stage after elementary, intermediate and then ultimate advance stage, it helps its owner growth to undergo Supreme Levels which gradually emanate the path of Contemplation Cultivation."

She would never show her anger on petty matters her words were enough to burn the evil in hell depths.

It seemed that heaven was letting to chance them with better guidance and sent this girl.

Every word of her was giving enlightenment to the listeners and they were looking with wide eyes. Through years of learning they were told that Contemplation Cultivation was related to legends not for ordinary disciple.

Who was she?

Where did she master such learning?

Who was her mentor?

She must be someone fated to Contemplation but her words seemed clarifying them. Could it be real? But can't be right?

This was simply impossible.

Mentors were looking at her with sharp eyes; they were clearly disagreed with her statement.

Their facial features turned solemn and above all disciple of Miang State was agitated because the girl not only refute his words but showed a clear path to fellows, he felt that someone slapped on his face several times in public.

His face turned green with fury he felt. He was never condemned in such way.

He gritted his teeth and looked at her like he wanted to swallow this ignorant girl and he really wished to do it. But in presence of this huge crowd he was unable to take any action. Mentors were though disagreeing but it would be criminal act if they acted or spoke against, it would be best option to ignore what was going on.

"How could you pointlessly spout nonsense about critical matters regarding Contemplation Cultivation when you yourself is disciple of Contemplation, it is equal to disregarding the importance of Contemplation."

Though he was infuriated but he tried hard to check his words but he could not hide his hatred against her. Commotion broke among crowd.

If it was simple like eating and drinking, were not they had had been acclaimed as Experts years before?

If it was not nonsense what was this statement then?

If she was heaven defying beauty she should check her words not to disgrace herself in front of huge crowd of senior disciples.


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