Beautiful Defender
71 Veteran Exper
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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71 Veteran Exper

She was youngest participant of this great event of Imperial Selection Competition. Just before she could defend her statement, a loud thunderous voice stopped her doing so.

A figure descended with his powerful aura which was equally threatening as death.

Commotion went silent, everyone was pale face now and they were between quandaries to understand the new situation that this figure voiced,

"What the girl has said is complete truth without any shred of nonsense and I am agreed with her statement," voice was forceful.

Those who were unfamiliar with this figure they started asking others and when they found that most of them never heard of him they looked at senior mentors.

"Appointed Senior Mentors paying respects to Contemplation Veteran Expert," they bowed to him respectfully.

Subsequently he was Veteran Expert, being Expert was already a respectable place in Zhang Ming Empire and he was Veteran Expert, a place hundred times higher than Expert.

One could only imagine what level of grandeur Veteran Expert possesses.

Upon witnessing that mentors paid him greetings and respect, all disciples bowed immediately. Miang State chap sneaked eye on the girl and grinned his teeth.

He silently swore in his heart to pay back the humiliation he faced today because of this girl. "This student has learned quit decent aspects of Contemplation, indeed, I am impressed.

May I know from this fair child who was your Advanced Contemplation Class mentor?" He pointed toward Jen Ming.

Jen stepped forward and bowed, "Respected Veteran Expert, this disciple is called Jen Ming and my mentor is senior Xuan He."

Her expression were not affected at all, she was calmly composed as it was her habit to remain composed despite stifling conditions too.

"Hahaha… Senior Xuan He that bastard is my friend, he always avoided field Contemplation expertise because he love to guide students and he was adamant in previous years that he would discover a Supreme Grade disciple one day and I can see he is doing his job very well."

Miang State disciple wanted to cry to see this sudden twisted turn of events.

"Could it be more dramatic?

When I wanted to teach her a lesson she suddenly becomes dragon star."

"Indeed my mentor is Great Contemplation Master," she bowed again to express her appreciation for her mentor. Veteran Expert lifted his brows she really knew how to behave with excellent decorum, impressive.

He chuckled and spoke to her, "One who says my master is great, he himself shall be great," he commented and waved his hand, "Lets meet my old friend then."

He pointed Jen to lead the way she immediately bowed to him and walked toward exit with Veteran Expert.

Initially she thought that Miang State chap would create ruckus here and she would not let him go unharmed today but now if she wanted to teach that arrogant chap she would teach him in Competition Battle, she turned head to recognize him.

Their mouths were agape and they were feeling awful, this disciple called Jen Ming was student of great master.

There was no single hint of doubt; they could witness her standing in five top ranking disciples. This was enough to make them believe and what she stated for their learning was approved by great Veteran Expert. They could predict her extraordinary future achievements.

A disciple of great master was fated to become great. If they could get her small favor it would be heaven gift to them, her learning definitely exceeds them.
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    《Beautiful Defender》