Beautiful Defender
72 East Camp
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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72 East Camp

Emperor called his royal attendant to bring his son to meet him.

It had been more than a year that both father and son last met, moreover next day his son was going to participate in competition battle, important day for him to stand in the row of experts if he carried well.

He must meet him and express his best wishes for his son.

"Qi Jian Ming pays respect to Emperor Ming," a voice fetched him back from his deep thoughts and his eyes fall on the young boy of nineteen years old with strong and powerful tall figure, his features resembled to his father expect the jade blue eyes and thin lips which resembled to his mother, body full of youth and energy.

His eyes sparkled and immense happiness flooded in his heart, his son was working hard to meet the expectations of his Emperor father.

"My son, capable and brave, you will become the pride of my Empire, come," he almost forgot this moment that he was Emperor but only a devoted father, he never shunned his responsibilities as father. Both were happy to see each other they talked about their experiences, he was not looking like an Emperor right now but an affectionate father.

Imperial Selection Competition was guarded by strong soldiers and they built their military camps outside boundaries of Competition.

"I wanted to visit east camps of soldiers and it is not too far from it we should head toward for a casual walk," Emperor Ming proposed and they both head toward east camp of soldiers.

Imperial Selection Competition was safest place for everyone so they brought few guards with them.


Jen Ming led Veteran Expert to the encampment of Yellow River School.

They went in, students were moving in and out but when they saw that their fellow disciple was bringing an expert like figure in encampment.

They topped to configure him.

His robs was embroidered with the signs of his status few were envious to see Jen by the side. She led him secluded corner and bowed toward hanging cloth and voiced, "Jen Ming pays respects to master Xuan He, someone wishes to see you."

Hanging cloth and her mentor descended down, "Jen bring him in," a mild voice came from inside.

Jen led him in; both masters looked at each other try to memorize identity for enough time silently, many years had passed when they last met, time had played many things in their lives, leaving its mark behind, they were fast friend but both choose different ways for their rest of life, one become mentor and other become Veteran Expert. Yet they remembered each other.

"Hahaha… don't tell me that you still practice that motionless blah blah…." He chuckled and embraced his old friend now they literally become old too.

Jen went back to her rest place.

She went to take meal and brought dishes for both masters, they were still chatting with fervor, just when she was about to leave her mentor called,

"Jen, after sometime we are heading toward east camp of soldiers, you'll also accompany us, I wanted you to learn more and experience the world."

Jen bowed and went to prepare.
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    《Beautiful Defender》