Beautiful Defender
73 East Camp 2
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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73 East Camp 2

She was walking behind them quietly, both masters were chatting leisurely; she did not disturb them and kept her chase.

From the words of Veteran Expert she gathered that being Contemplation Veteran was guaranteed adventurous life and the most enthralling fact was veterans were never under any army settlement, where they were needed they would approach on their own.

Her mentor would only nod his head after eavesdrop those thrilling stories. Being many years under his tutelage she was familiar with very well with the habit of her mentor.

They passed crowded camps and were heading toward East Camp of Soldiers where this Veteran Expert was temporarily guarding with soldiers.


Emperor and his son reached at East Camp, soldiers saluted them and welcomed, they examined their preparations because after few days Imperial Selection Competition would be over and soldiers would also pack up and go back to border areas.

Few soldiers were practicing their martial arts with their weapons, few were guarding the area and few were doing their essentials when Emperor and his son entered in camp area.

Three alert and sharp soldiers were keeping eyes on both of them surreptitiously, when they walked past to them, they instantaneously attacked on both Emperor and his son.

Emperor barely dodged their handy attack, Emperor Guards jumped in to fight with these three soldiers.

Their moves were devil sharp and movements were well practiced, guards were seriously wounded soon. Emperor himself used his weapon to dodge frequent attacks.

Many soldiers rushed forward to save the Emperor and surrounded those three soldiers but immediately air got suffocating, it was hard to take air inside lungs to support breath. Qi Jian was familiar with this; it was the dominion of some Contemplation Expert.

Soldiers who were under the territory of dominion started to retreat either they would die without question.

Qi Jian burst out his dominion and swept his father far behind him to secure from this dominion and started to sense the owner of this dominion, this dominion was filled with killing intent he was worried who wanted to kill them here, he remembered that every military wing was under a Veteran Expert to guard more safely, was this dominion of their Veteran Expert if so why it was bursting with assassination set, no it can't be he thought.

Where was the owner then, he remembered that when they entered in soldier camp area, their Veteran Expert did not show face, was it really him?

Emperor was thinking on same lines.


Jen and co. were hundred meter away from soldier camps but Jen could feel something was wrong especially the silence.

Though silence bring peace of mind but this silence was irritating.

She could sense danger even from her childhood and with the advancement in Contemplation, it was broadened beyond previous limits.

She was gifted this unique quality from her childhood.

Her two masters were talking and laughing, she looked toward soldier camp and confirmed something amiss, she whispered to herself, "Sorry Master," and ran toward the soldier camp.


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