Beautiful Defender
74 Nemesis
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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74 Nemesis

Every second was important when she sensed danger, both master got stunned to see her running; she never did misbehave like that. Both masters walked toward her side to know the reason behind her haste.

Being young and energetic she reached early.

Qi Jian was on tether ends, he was under the pressure of hundred times more powerful dominion, he cried under this deathly pressure, Jen heard his voice and jumped into this powerful dominion, released her full force, covered Qi Jian with her Fifth Level Insights, helped him from falling, brought him on ground.

She did not released her dominion far away instead covered Qi Jian and helped him to regain while covered thirty meter area under her dominion, layer after Layer secured them.

Soldiers who were under her dominion only able to survive their dead bodies because they were unable to stand this swelter filled killing intent dominion so they were long dead within ten seconds of forceful capture under evil dominion.

Emperor was dumbfounded and helpless, wanted to help his son but Qi Jian beg him to stay out the dominion because he don't want to lose his father in front of his own eyes, it would be better for son to dead first.

His eyes were closing, if a Contemplation student once used up his strength, it would be miracle if he could regain in one month.

She knew him, his final battle was tomorrow and if he lost this chance he will have to wait three years for this Competition.

Only twenty five years old and less were allowed to participate in Imperial Selection Competition he would lost chance forever.

She lowered her head on his chest to feel his heartbeat, this was just a notion indeed she attached her right hand on his left hand and shared her Active Energy Verve, small golden almond stars flood toward him dancing.

She made it sure that no one noticed, in fact there was no one expect Emperor who was head to toe concerned for his son.

Five seconds and done because Veteran Expert came, he took five more seconds to understand the situation, ten seconds it's done. Veteran Expert was thunderstruck to see this huge demise in his absence, he was responsible for all this but who was chockfull of guts to destroy the whole camp.

He furiously released his powerful dominion because of his fury Jen don't want to take risk; she took help of her strong layer and transported the man in her arms.

Veteran Expert executed technique after technique and a man covered in black robs descended hundred meters away from Veteran Expert, his identity was immediately revealed but the question was how this enemy entered in Zuang State and he even approached Imperial Selection Competition dwelling and such a powerful expert, how he remained unnoticed and hidden all time, his three comrades were dead now.

He wanted to capture him alive to force him answers of questions which were bothering him.

Veteran Expert used sharp technique to arrest that enemy but as the enemy sensed that he was unable to annihilate them and against this new technique he was little stranded, he reversed his Contemplation to himself without retreating it to attempt suicide and he succeeded in it because of its powerful crushing force.

"Huh… why did he attempt suicide," Veteran Expert was speechless. With the termination of enemy his dominion also got vanished.


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