Beautiful Defender
75 Saving Grace
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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75 Saving Grace

Veteran Expert came toward Emperor with head down, he was guilty but Emperor was thoroughly concerned his son, this unknown girl saved his only son who was willing to sacrifice his life to save his father, indescribable emotions surrounded him with this thought.

They shifted him in royal encampment.

Jen stayed there, she wanted to confirm that voice which she heard in her Deep Contemplation State the owner of that voice favored her and when she woke up back then she promised to herself to pay back this great favor. She had to examine him.

Her mentor taught her how to check vitality and Contemplation damage in case.

She was well aware of the herbs which were able to strength him within short period of time. Her mentor offered Emperor his help to aid the prince regain.

Emperor requested him to help his son and keep it secret too.

Emperor tends to investigate straightaway so he went in his camp to precede other matters. Her mentor instructed her to check center of pulse, every Contemplation learner create Acme Nodes in its body after the first Energy Blast.

It depends on the learner ability the more he was able to reserve energy the more he could create Acme Nodes in his body, these Acme Nodes were called Node Tine individually and were filled with vigorous energy and classified as Hidden Spiritual Force.

Hundred Node Tines don't operate individually instead they were in pair, first Node Tine was paired with second and third was paired with fourth so on and called paired Acmes, his Central Acmes was close to his Central Pulse.

Her mentor gave her a herb to grinned in stone sill and went to bring few more herbs which he thought would be beneficial to regain his vigorous energy.

She was grinding herb that she heard slow footsteps from behind, she suddenly stood up but Qi Jian was already close to her, avoiding she stumbled and was about to fell she was not prepared. He was alive and conscious and his paired Acmes were flowing with a different energy and this girl was the source of that energy.

He willingly grabbed her, saved her from falling and unable to hold her in air he brought her in his embrace.

All was so sudden that Jen was impotent to comprehend, stunned, forgot to resist.

He was severally suffering his death when Jen came and infused her unique Vital Energy and this was the reason that he was safe and sound and alive.

Thinking this he brought her face close to his face and looked at her, he was sure, the girl to whom he met in Endless Valley was this Jen, dressing her wound, cleaning her hair and combing, he was engrossed to take care of her and did not notice it.

He really did not notice it, he developed habit then he thought.

He fell in love; if he had stayed there he was afraid that he would fall in love but after leaving the camp he realized that he forgot his heart behind, he already fell in love before leaving camp.


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