Beautiful Defender
76 Awkward moments
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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76 Awkward moments

His heart insisted him to see her again and again but he was afraid that his carelessness might displease her.

Absorbed in his thoughts he brought his lips to touch her lips, those pink filled lips quivered but he was completely engrossed in his previous feelings which he suppressed after looking her many times in Imperial Selection Competition.

Stars twinkled in his eyes with profound happiness which her suppressed before. Her eyes got wide opened; her body trembled uncontrollably and was struggling to free herself, sensing this prince let his grip loose.

Trembling she stumbled and again was near to drop, he immediately grabbed her in his arms. She was completely confused why Qi Jian was behaving like this, was his head got heart in fighting or there was problem with her vital energy which she infused in him.

She was puzzled.

Looking her in his arms a deep smile appeared on his face, his blue eyes were sparkling with light, he felt the urge to kiss her cute and innocent face again and brought her close and was about to kiss.

"Cough cough … I have brought herbs which were necessary for prince," Jen heaved a sigh of relief to hear the voice of her mentor. She ran toward and stood behind her mentor. The situation was awkward for moments…..


There was pin drop silence in the royal camp, few elders were stood rooted, royal attendant brought letter and handed to an elder, elder took to Emperor.

It was red sealed that means only Emperor could open it.

Emperor opened and read through the content and his expressions turned solemn and stood up. "This is the second letter from the general of East border where went the first letter? Why it was not handed to me?

Who is traitor among patriots," Emperor roared.

Elders were trebling with fear.

This letter clearly informed about some enemies who happened to cross border by some hidden means but it was too late, this letter was sent again they did not received reply from Emperor. Emperor fathomed from content that it was the second letter from the East border General. Emperor's eyes dissected every elder and attendant to feel the changes in their attitude after the letter arrived. It was hard to discriminate, he knew them from years.

"A man from West Border wishes to report Emperor," royal attendant bowed to Emperor and informed.

He gestured others to leave the camp. A man entered in camp, "Knight from West Borders pays respect to Emperor," he bowed in semi recumbent posture, "The General of the West Border sent me to convey a grave matter to Emperor, "Speak" Emperor ordered with grim face.

"A group of enemy spy had crossed the border by some unknown means, the General of West Border had sent many Knights to search them and I am sent to serve the Emperor in case," "What is the second code of West General Army," Knight remained in that posture and said, "Dignified Blow," "And what is fifth code," Emperor did not changed his tone.

"Sparrow will hunt the dragon."


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