Beautiful Defender
77 Duel
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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77 Duel

Satisfied he ordered him to stay in royal encampment.

He sent orders to keep guards high to his soldiers and nearby Veteran Experts; it was already late at night.

Tomorrow he would send his fastest rider to the West Borders to transfer his new orders, some emergencies and find out the purpose behind this rivalry.

How neighbor Kingdom got so gutsy to display such moves? Was there anything unusual or his eyes got widened with the thoughts, could it be that they possess Adroit Expert now.

Last year it was still behind in the race? How suddenly they produced such an Expert, Zhang Ming Empire had number of Veteran but not a single Adroit Expert, we had to find out one from this Competition and he smashed his fists with crown chair.



Qi Jian was standing in arena and there was Dang Ming State Contestant. Jen was among mediators, she only hoped for him to not lose.

Duel began with manly passion. Both were here to win, their dominions clashed and their weapons served weapon service.

Both had learned few techniques and tempered their battle prowess.

Her closer seats were empty, Hue Lan came and sat there with his muscle buddy friend in fact Hue Lan was hesitant but muscle buddy forced him to secure seat there. Soon all were caught in battle temperature which make them forgot their surroundings.

Hue Lan came to learn from high ranking Contemplation Battles, he was engrossed as well, though muscle buddy also came to see Contemplation Battle but to see the girl he forgot to focus on battle. Jen felt his gaze but ignored him, Hue Lan was good natured while his friend was little rash, she thought.

Qi Jian executed his first move Priceless Hunt; it was to strengthen his dominion unyielding and then used powerful technique but he could not execute his technique, his opponent released his technique which was Hidden Hunter.

Hidden Hunter Technique work with the owner of Contemplation to damage the strongest defense of rival.

Though his move was powerful but it lacks backing of powerful technique.

He was facing now a powerful move and powerful technique, Hidden Hunter visualizes one moment and disappears next moment.

Both dominions collided with the density of sonic bomb.

The dominion of Qi Jian produced particles of golden almond light and guzzled the power of opponent move and technique.

It was not apparent to naked eyes, only Jen was able to see them because after these particles guzzled this much power, they did not go back to Qi Jian instead they reverted back to Jen Ming, she felt that these particles were able to sense her presence, these particles filled with powerful technique silently came toward her and infused in her palm.

She was flabbergasted to see this. Sitting around her no one notice what was going on? These particles don't belong to Qi Jian and if they had moved in him, he would not have hoisted them back in this condition to duck his death; these particles came to their owner.

Jen was unable to comprehend this. Could it be that this energy belongs to me only? She thought. Qi Jian dominion was still intact and his opponent dominion got shattered.

"Ah… What?" his opponent was dumbfounded to see this.

Though he immediately released his dominion anew but this time was enough for Qi Jian to execute his trump card technique.

He had no time to bother how his dominion shattered opponent dominion but he was curious. He looked toward mediators where Jen was sitting, their eyes met and Jen blushed red with previous day memory, she was restless all night due to his sudden kiss.

This muscle buddy witnessed and burned with anger.


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