Beautiful Defender
78 Youngest Against Stronges
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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78 Youngest Against Stronges

His technique spread its claws to depress his opponent in these gifted moments, sword technique released its thousand plus slashes, every slash was piercing and sharp, if the opponent happened not shielded with his dominion, sword slashes would have created hundreds of bruises all over his body. His rival forced his dominion to its maximum strength and tried to defend himself in this condition .While dominion clashed again but Qi Jian was upper hand this time.

He did not let loose his technique and dominion, it was difficult for opponent to carry on like this. He was slowly deteriorating, because of continuous pressure by rival.

His dominion started sunk, afraid he retreated and this brought sudden drawback to his dominion. Howling wind shattered leftover dominion and hundreds of sword slashes cut through the body of Dang Ming State competent.

Drench in blood he collapsed on to ground.

Everyone praised that Qi Jian won but deep in his heart he was not winner, he just lifted up opportunity and won without qualification.

Judges announced the winner, of today and the battle of tomorrow between Youngest Contestant of Imperial Selection Competition and strongest participant of Miang State.

Everyone got excited to hear the announcement; this would be second last battle of this competition.

Huge amount were on bet for these two contestants being youngest and being strongest, this fact brought a commotion in everyone, they were anxiously waiting for next day battle. Yellow River was the center of focus this time after many years of back standing.


Jen was prepared, she kept her calm disposition, and she was not overwhelmed by the strongest person standing in front of her. His sharp and brilliant performances were frightening for his opponents.

Emperor was also present at this battle, royal alter was set already. Emperor was indebted to this girl for saving his son at critical moment, to be able to reach at this stage of Contemplation in such young age, she was sure unusual.

Emperor ordered his spy knight to flip through her parentage and clan, school where she learned everything about her.

Royal attendant was also standing near. Knight went to gather information about Jen Ming. Though Lue Ling was carrying impassive and fearful aura that could immediately suppress its opponent but the girl in front of him was unwilling to follow others, she possessed her own dignity under her calm expression, her peaceful appearance was disturbing for Lue Ling twitched his face, what made her so calm, let's see. Battle began with gong bell.

Both burst out their dominion.

Their dominions were raging and swigging the area under their territory, conquering for most. Jen was at the advance stage of fifth layer, her learning was deep and profound though lacking in battle experience.

She set her stamina with check, no matter what she would not show rashness because it could prove beneficial of her opponent.

Everyone felt awful for this youngest beauty but this was battle and one had to be winner. Her hands mystically moved with the notion of thousand times practice.

His every layer was completely active and obedient; she felt the presence of a move and technique which she met with yesterday by chance work of through her vital energy which reverted back to her.

Her layers were getting proficient with every single day; her improvement was rapid due to her legacy that was her secret.

A chain of multi sabers flung in the air and Lue Ling launched his attack, single individual learning of Contemplation was different, he learned two Armors of spirituality with different level of knowing. He learned it with sharp aspect while Jen learned with calm aspects which were variants too.

He was unnecessarily battle manic while Jen keep a disposition of peace entity.

Thus there were hundreds of aspects and hundreds of learning.

His first move was to create visible disturbance in both dominion to overturn the silence and pressurize the girl, under such circumstances, victory would piece of cake for him.


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