Beautiful Defender
79 Youngest Against Strongest 2
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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79 Youngest Against Strongest 2

Howling and roaring wind turned everything upside down under radius of three hundred meters, scene turned vague, no one could see anything clearly for couple of seconds, and mediators were in hell deep silence.

But soon he realized these moves were harmless against this girl, he don't want to let fall his pride in front of youngest contestant, it was already humiliation to battle with sixteen years old tender girl. She was not moving without showing any hesitance.

He executed his technique with his powerful Inferno Stage Fourth Layer, the hell like burning wave spread everywhere.

He was intended to start with fundamentals of Contemplation to test the girl. Jen had experienced Inferno very closely and this layer was able to create certain change in her nature during Contemplation back then, a shock-wave energy burst forth from her which was equal to standing in hell.

There was hidden Inferno in her nature now that means she possessed double Inferno attribute, if an expert came to know this truth he would swear to death to not encounter this girl in his entire life. She did not start with any technique but it was looking impossible for Lue Ling to hold himself. If he did not execute technique along with precaution, he was doomed to die today; this was the first time that he felt life threat from his opponent.

His chain of sabers had been activated with his technique and now these were swaying with the movement of his hand, gradually every saber separated from its chain and started wander in its dominion, apparently it looked wandering but close inspection would disclose the scheme of this formation, these were ready to turn down the opponent dominion, leaving her at the mercy of her opponent.

She did not bother with; she had Hidden Hunter Technique which she could use now.

This technique complement its owner, in other way technique would improve with the owner that if this technique was powerful with ordinary Contemplation student previously but it would death summon because it was under Jen Ming hands now, pity for the opponent.

Fierce dominions clashed and it looked like they were enemies from generations, certain voices echoed and dimmed.

Hidden Hunter Technique was perfect and flawless, every single saber was aimed at different pins of dominion but Hidden Hunter was specialized in such attacks, every pin was guarded was Hidden Hunter.

Jen was as always relaxed though her opponent was strongest and supposed expert of this generation but it was something she could deal not necessarily easy but comfortably. Since pins were secure she was not afraid to display double move now, defense and attack at the same time after going through many battles but she had time to give face to other party if he wanted to offence more desperately.

She would not hesitate to go beyond her power if she needed to.

Feeling that he was unable to broke through her secured week pins he slowly decreased the power behind his technique. She noticed and was little perplexed why he backed down?


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