Beautiful Defender
80 Youngest Against Strongest 3
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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80 Youngest Against Strongest 3

He thought that it would be useless to carry on with his technique, he spread, and he spread his Absolute Stage with the attribute of his sharp nature that was like sharp needles dripped in hell fire. Absolute Stage was beyond limits, it was said that only experts were able to decipher its critical points with their advanced Knowing.

When he spread this Absolute Stage everyone around gasped cold air, was he able to decipher the codes points or he was risking his life to defeat the girl.

Both aspects were alarming, first one lead to expertise while second one would lead to death. Indeed he was risking his life to defeat the girl because he novice in controlling this stage and this stage was like unbridled bull; this stage would bring its prey upside down at its raging power unless its opponent holds superiority.

She was little stunned but might it possible that Lue Ling had found Absolute Peace to own this Stage of Fury.

It was truth that Absolute Stage of Fury would surrender in front of Absolute Peace Entity only and the difficulty lie that there were only five stages of Peace Armor which end up on Motionless War Stage that he complete different attributes and characteristics and its fabric was not designed to hold Absolute Fury. What a pity.

One should never take it lightly; she spread her hands like a bird that spreads its wings to take off flight.

Since she was going to prepare to assault Two Armors of Spirituality Absolute Stage of Fury, she had to display the might of Yellow River where she learned this Absolute Peace Entity back then.

It was the display of her less than half power and only 10% of Yellow River might. The air felt light beneath her and surrounded and she was casually standing in midair, her light aqua attire with light golden strips she was looking water fairy but her display of power brought commotion among high alters and mediators as well as superior mentors.

If his Absolute Fury looking like destroying and devastating to everyone then her display of Absolute Peace brought comfort and ease on onlookers and they felt a sense of security.

What was the girl going to do? In the midair she guzzled that Absolute Fury, surrounding suffocating energy grew light and easy for breathing, no matter whoever mediate to look through it there eyes were wide opened and their mouths were agape, despite knowing their own reaction they were unable to hold back themselves.

Lue Ling wanted to pull hard his hair in desperation but he was helpless what formidable might, "Who said that she was youngest in this Competition and less experienced, less experience my head. If she was less experienced then I was trash out of experience, I used trump cards to end this game early and this little girl is looking like toying with my experience.

" His face showed visible helplessness and he had displayed his full energy level through Absolute Stage and this girl even did not bother to use her weapon until now.
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    《Beautiful Defender》