Beautiful Defender
81 Youngest Against Strongest 4
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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81 Youngest Against Strongest 4

What would happen if she used her treasure weapon?

He felt tugging his hair in his heart.

If he accepted defeat he would remain head down his entire life, he was from richest clan of Miang State and noble heir of his clan, whenever he went he was respected, contaminated surrounding air was cleaned by Absolute Peace Entity and came back to its normal fabric.

He had to take serious decision either he will be ashamed regretful in his life, again expression appeared on his face, his dominion began to assimilate in black cloud, if before high alters and mediators were shocked now they felt evil around, only few experts had senior mentors were aware of this black commotion, this was the evil of Zero Stage Of Fury, except few, many others witnessed first time this evil black cloud.

His intentions were to spread his Zero Stage of Fury and then execute his powerful move to end the game for good, only he himself knew that he was on the verge and 70% exhausted but he decided to take this last with the aid of his life energy and display this last attack with full might. Previously she intentionally did not attack him despite being on upper hand but now she was intended to end it. Zero Stage directly affect rationality, this was its deathly attribute.

Jen was more aware its brutal come horrible evils, still she remain calm, others thought that this move of opponent would surely scare her out of wits and she would lost her calm demeanor.

Opposite to their expectations she was standing and her Obsolete Stage was activated immediately, her Nobility Stage surrounded every inch of her stature and then Obsolete Stage expanded its radius, this double guard was to ensure her protection from Zero Stage of Fury, her hand went at her back to fetch her treasure weapon because the fact that nobody could see through black clouds of Zero Stage, she could see clearly that Lue Ling was prepared to execute his move in the dark.

She activated her layer with crossbow, her Layers were enough to deal with Lue Ling and her arrow would wound him while her Fifth Level Insights would tackle to make through Zero Stage. Unaware about the girl, Lue Ling executed his moves with his chain sabers, he aimed at her heart several sabers.

She immediately sensed and shot her arrow though these half size sabers were filled with deathly aura but she let them come, this time again she wanted to know how much she could endure there pressure.

Since he himself was the owner of Zero Stage, he was secured from it but he was unable to sense the coming arrow and when he felt it was already close to him, impending doom was unavoidable now. Every saber from different directions assaulted toward her, the pressure which was forced on her, her Obsolete Stage started to shrink toward her up till now she calculatedly did not released any power to get rid these sabers.

This was to temper her endurance and when it came to its limits she burst with her Obsolete Stage.


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