Beautiful Defender
82 Knock Down
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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82 Knock Down

Pure Obsolete Stage stifled death the force of sabers and continued to spread with complete authority, dark clouds of Zero Stage started retreat to its owner but unfortunately he was wounded and completely exhausted now and could welcome his own force so this force sent him flying back hundred meters away because Obsolete Stage was the force which enforced Zero Stage to back down. Remaining sabers which were part of Zero Stage prod into him, few escaped and dug into rock behind and few dug into ground near him.

Obsolete Stage cleared the view and everybody could see the view now.

They looked like they had seen numbers of ghosts at one place, senior mentors up rose from their seats, experts were surprisingly shocked and Emperor pleasantly surprised.

Though everyone considered that she would lose this move but Emperor was confident about her but he never thought it to be turned like this.

Miang State presenters were glued to their seats and were grim to see that their State lost first time in Contemplation Battles Final, they had reason to be grim.

Yellow River representatives were happy to have a girl who was genius in Contemplation but they never entertained the idea to emerge victorious in Imperial Selection Competition Contemplation Battles.

Out of their sentiments they could not comprehend for half a day that Yellow River not only emerge victorious from Contemplation Battles but also produce an Expert of Contemplation, this youngest girl of Contemplation Jen Ming.


Emperor was standing still, his spy Knight came back and reported to him, he was curious why his spy knight came within half a day.

He asked about it, Knight replied, "Reporting to Emperor, upon receiving the orders from Emperor Ming this spy head toward outside the camp but choose to hide outside the camp."

Emperor furrowed his brow why his spy night choose to hide, Knight continued, "Because I suspect someone from Royal Encampment so I hide there to keep watch, then after few minutes he came out looking around sneakily and headed toward capital busy area, I followed him he entered in an inn and checked for room 201.

This room was guarded was two active guards, I followed the back window to know what was going in."

Emperor was listening carefully now.

"I request to Emperor to immediately send active soldiers to surround that inn and not only search through room 201 but the rest of rooms too,"

"Did you find something rebellious?" Emperor asked seriously. "From their conversation I gathered some stark information, it is unknown whether royal attendant work for them permanently or under any circumstances but the people are from neighbor Empire spy and few experts, they were talking about Youngest Contemplation Contestant Girl.

Her father was Contemplation Expert and was chased away by the Emperor by some unknown reasons."

Up till there Emperor fondled his forehead with his hand several times remembering something. He ordered his Knight to immediately send Emperor Order to General Wong and report to Emperor.

"It would take two days until then bring Elders and proximate Veteran Experts and invite this girl to Royal Encampment." He pointed toward the girl.
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    《Beautiful Defender》