Beautiful Defender
83 Alone Expert Jen
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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83 Alone Expert Jen

She was learning all these years devotedly.

She never felt such before though apparently she was calm in appearance but there was sudden sadness within her heart.

She was acclaimed new Younger Generation Contemplation Expert by senior mentor and judges. Everybody was in celebratory mood because the sole purpose of Contemplation Battles was to find more powerful Expert than previous so that no one could eye up the Empire.

All were happy but Jen was gloomy, to whom she should share her ecstasy, she was all alone. Her aunt told her that her mother died when she gave birth to her due to inconvenient circumstances. When she asked about her father, she was told that he died in a battle when she was two month old. She never complained about it after that.

She loved the affectionate nature of her benefactors her uncle and aunt.

She was contented with this.

Little Li was the source of her cheerfulness; he was first son of her benefactors she used to play with him he was only one year old when she was sent to learn in Yellow River.

She felt grateful to have them but after the Advanced Contemplation Class she went to meet them and tell them that she missed them a lot but she met with only empty house.

They only left a brief letter for her that was, "If you tried to look out for us, it'll be threat for our small existence, learn your Contemplation with devotion for our sake, farewell."

She did not look for that so that it won't pose threat to their lives. She was bare handed no close relation to share her happiness or grief.

She looked all around, everyone was happy and pride except of her. Sense of being alone overwhelmed her. She was learning all these years devotedly.

"You have reason for a big smile, don't you think you have?" she was brought back from her deep and painful thoughts by a voice. Hue Lan was standing close to her.

He was little curious why she was standing still without expressing her happiness and this disturbed him too.

He could at least try to make her remember that she was now acclaimed Expert and this was idyllic occasion for her.

She looked at him with empty eyes, yes empty and deep eyes.

He always felt like toddler in front of her and innocent thoughts of a toddler would give the impression on his face from his heart despite trying to hide them.

She could see this purity and innocence very well. "There is no one to whom I could share my happiness," she answered with those empty eyes.

He was speechless for moments.

"You don't need someone to share your happiness; you should smile for the sake of your close ones, I am sure whom you miss also wanted to see you happy whether it is your mother, father or sibling." She felt those words were spoken from pure heart, and concern along with their Heaven truth.

He was still looking with the innocence of toddler but his words showered like blessed rain soothing her heart and could not come up with anything else than a smile.


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