Beautiful Defender
84 Alone Expert Jen 2
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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84 Alone Expert Jen 2

"You should smile often, I'm sure your smile could enlighten some many hearts," he was dazed at her smile and blurted those words without checking them.

The purity and transparency of the words made her smile more.

It was the first time in these two month of competition Jen smiled, most of the men felt their hearts jumping out from their rib cages.

They placed their hands on their hearts with sigh. "Jen is pleased to meet the words of this senior," she bowed to Hue Lan.

"It is my honor to bring the smile on face of this senior," he bowed too. Both address 'senior' and little puzzled looked up at each other and broke into big smiles.

Few who looked them got envious of the guy to have such honor to talk to Expert and most astounding beauty.


Emperor fondled his hand with his forehead and remembered that who was she?

This was the girl whom he sheltered sixteen years ago from the enmity of neighbor Empire and from the looks of it she was ignorant of her circumstances.

Different orders were passed down in an incense time, without creating alarm. Few Veteran Experts, Elders and important figures of different States were present.

Jen was also invited.

Qi Jian was sitting right side of Emperor Chair.

Emperor stayed in encampment rather than to go to palace because he was unsure back curtain matters.

Two troops of soldiers were sent to raid inn, in answer to resistance, two spy were dead two experts escaped, two experts went to chase them, one of them was arrested and brought in front of Emperor.

Different cruel methods were applied to compel him for exposure of their plan or purpose of entering in the territory of Zhang Ming Empire but he was steeled and reluctant to speak. Jen stepped forward, up till now she had understood that this entire rumpus was related to her in some ways, he was exhausted after getting cruel treatment.

She put her finger tips on vocal area and send force at his central Acmes, blood curdling screech echoed in royal tent and everyone looked with pity only Veteran Experts were aware what she did to him and man started speaking fluent despite being on verge of collapse.

"Your great grandfather was Adroit Expert century ago in Xuan Clan and because of this Xing Mu Empire was flourishing and powerful existence but he disappeared and left his legacy for his descendant fated member."

He passed for moments.

"Your grandfather died but did not give it to our Emperor, and then your father met disaster because of his reluctance and now it's your turn," he pointed toward Jen with disdain. Jen calmly stepped behind and voiced, "So your Emperor thinks that Ancient Legacy was delivered to me."

She nodded her head in approval, "See I am that Legacy."

Everyone looked in her direction, she was floating in air, and looked like grand river flowing with hundred thousand golden almond light arrows. The grandness was multiplied by hundred folds by her killing attitude; soon the grand camp fell into hell deep silence.
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    《Beautiful Defender》