Beautiful Defender
85 Head Defender Announcemen
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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85 Head Defender Announcemen

Close to hundred people were looking with awful expressions, they were now horrified by her calm. After they awake from daze she had collected her usual appearance which was harmless.

Enemy spy could not himself and collapsed due to severe beating. Jen walked forward in front of Emperor and bowed,

"This Jen Acclaimed Expert of Younger Generation pays respect to Emperor Ming."

Emperor nodded his head, he was secretly celebrating that despite being powerful this girl was not only humble but also know very well how to behave properly.

"There is something that I wanted to request to Emperor Ming," there were uncertainty regarding the ongoing events, he would not let down the opportunity to get the favor of this powerful Legacy owner, he thought to himself.

He nodded his head and spoke, "Go ahead," "I wanted to propose to Emperor Ming the emergence of Army of Veteran Expert is necessity and dire need to tower the Empire, it is highly obligatory to establish the might of Zhang Ming Empire.

Collective power will be more advantageous than separate hands."

Elders, grand elders and Veteran Experts were dumbfounded to hear her wise suggestion; this notion never struck their minds, it was not only prudent but operable too.

There broke commotion among everyone, they were discussing the possible Senior Head of Veteran Army, one or two also imagined them as the Head of Army; it would be grand show of their might.

To be announced and acclaimed as the Head of so many powerful figures would be matchless standing also who would not wish to be called Expert and respected above others even the presence of Emperor would be less significance in front of Head of Veteran Army.

One or two proudly stepped forward to express their obedience to take this burden.

"Since this idea originated from Jen Ming, I announce Jen Ming the Head Defender of Veteran Army, I am confident that young blood will better lead the old fogy's."

Commotion erupted like lave, what? a mare sixteen years old young girl how on earth she would lead them?

Is that Emperor wished to humiliate us Veterans?

How could a tender girl know how the world works?

Even without experience of the world?

Unrelated to the ongoing discussions Emperor took out a token,

"You are granted this special token which symbolizes your identity." Emperor handed her half black half blue token, indeed Emperor bestowed Ancient Gem which was in their family possession from centuries.

If the decision was cruel before now it crossed its limit when they saw Ancient Gem in her hands. This was so sudden that few were in shock, wearing gloomy expression on face a Veteran Expert stepped forward,

"Chen Hong pays respect to Emperor Ming, I appreciate the order to form a Veteran Army and it will flourish the dignity and influence of Zhang Ming Empire but my concern is that because this turn of events is so sudden and there is possibility that few Veteran Experts might dislike a young girl to be their Head Defender of Veteran Army."

Emperor expressions turned dark and he gritted his teeth but kept composed himself.


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