Beautiful Defender
87 East Border Journey
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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87 East Border Journey

They wanted to hear those words again and again just to make sure they were listening rightly. They can't help it meant Heaven for Yellow River, suppose the reputation of Yellow River would shot up. A disciple of Yellow River was appointed Head Defender of first Veteran Army; just think it, how powerful existence was considered a Defender.

She was standing straight now like a powerful entity, though they never had grudges toward her still they were afraid not to offend Head Defender.

"I will report back to Yellow River once I settled urgent matters," third Protector woke up from his daze and managed to regain his conduct, completely surprised, "Third Protector commend Head Defender and surely will inform Yellow River your concern too."

She talked to her fellows for some time they were stunned that despite being powerful Defender and appointed head of Veteran Army, there was no change in her behavior, she was as agreeable as before. She bade farewell and headed toward Dang Ming State.


Wanton horses were ready to carry her toward Dang Ming State, since she did not learn horse riding because horse riding was taught in Advanced Imperial Class lessons.

She hesitated for moments; Qi Jian was also part of the fighter group who was heading with Veteran Experts toward Dang Ming State, he got off from his horse went toward her and bowed,

"Qi Jian Ming Deputy General of East Border pays respect to Head Defender," she hesitated but bowed.

Close to hundred men were present, Veteran Experts, fighters, being Heir of Crown he possessed finest horse creed of seven Empires and possessed fastest rush,

"May I offer this horse to Head Defender for progression, it'll be my honor," "I…I did not learn horse riding yet," her face was red with fluster, "Ahem…I can ride for you."

Few looked at them sneakily and few depressed their smiles, she don't have choice to reject or continue conversation because of their gazes, she could only nod her head in approval and in a blink of an eye he extended his arm to grab her from waist, chucked the horse to move and progression started.

East border was two days and so distance but because of their concern and fast moving it was minimized to a day and so.

They did not face any hurdle and continued their journey.

Hours passed and they were feeling exhausted due to journey.

They decided to stay for three hours and then moved on next pace.

Jen was almost the height of Qi Jian, he had to peek from her face to keep his eyes on right path, she was little irritated but there was no choice, she was not in Advanced Imperial Class so she had not the opportunity to learn horse riding for good.

This was best journey of his life and he was happy deep in his heart but could not show this happiness for the fear that it might displease her.

Every time his chin touched her smooth cheeks, he could only sigh, he could not afford to offend the Head Defender that was also his beloved.

While she was completely unaware about his thoughts, his warm breath was something she could hardly escape but could not complain as well.


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