Beautiful Defender
88 If You Dare Then Challenge
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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88 If You Dare Then Challenge

"Bang… how dare… a young girl is appointed Head Defender… out-brave!… is she descended direct from heaven…don't tell that she went one better than me, Fang Jin, I am feeling and faceless. I will surely reimburse this humiliation."

He slammed on the table with his hand, he was ballistic ranting, as soon as he received the Emperor Order he headed toward Veteran Hall but he was not in good mood.

"Let me see how strong her guts to face my strength are," Veteran Hall was built for Veteran Experts to fill their all needs, lodging, practice, Contemplation everything.

Its grandeur was matchless and speaks the dignity of its beings. Close to fifteen Veterans were present, they aware how Fang Jin was ill-tempered they choose to shut their mouths.

Others were also discussing the topic along with the possible disturbance on the East border.

Enemy got its balls high and there must be concrete reason for their guts showing.

They were talking about the possible Expert and ones this impression struck they were speechless because they knew what meant to be a Veteran Expert and the difference of being Adroit Expert.

If Veteran Expert was barren land with thirst of power then Adroit Expert was like cloudy sky full of rain water but if this rain fell on Veteran Expert he would be an ant compared to tiger.

And when they come to know that a young sixteen years old teenage had become the Head Defender of Veterans Army, they were completely doubtful of their success anymore, though the idea to make Veteran Army was applaud able, that means they would not attack with separate power instead combine power would be applied in war. Combine power would prove huge benefit but uncertainty was still there.

Fang Jin was infuriated because he was made Deputy Defender, being senior being powerful from all fifty Veteran Experts to be appointed as Deputy Defender was simply humiliation in his perspective.

A soldier came rushing in Veteran Hall to inform the arrival of Head Defender, General and Deputy General.

They rushed out to welcome them, spokesman called out their names and identity, all felt fainted to see the sight. Deputy General was riding for Head Defender and who was Deputy General, not other than the heir of Crown Qi Jian Ming, they were sure that their eyes were not playing tricks to them. A small group of Veteran Experts came toward to welcome Head Defender.

Qi Jian was good horse rider and she learned horse riding during their journey, she got off grandly. Deputy Defender was not present to welcome the Head Defender and this everyone felt deeply but Jen Ming was not concerned about these petty things.

She was lead to Veteran Hall, this Hall was built and decorated with exquisite taste, she admired in her heart. While everyone was puzzled she walked toward highest head seat and sat there grandly.

There were Contemplation Veteran Experts in the Hall now, they soon came to senses took through seats, despite the fact that they were sit, a thunderous voice interrupted their procedure, it was Fang Jin,

"How dare you to sit on highest seat despite being young and inexperienced," he roared, "If you are really eligible for this seat, come and accept my challenge," others were left stood still.

What are you… this was the order of Emperor, she was appointed by Emperor himself.

Moreover it was not sheer luck she must have some standing for this position and you dared challenger her, they thought.

She did not pay special attention to him, she was before now ready for this kind of ruckus.


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