Beautiful Defender
89 Never Easy To Tame A Human
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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89 Never Easy To Tame A Human

"I don't wish to create ruckus but I can answer of your ruckus, are you sure to bear the burden?" she plainly asked with impassive face.

"So I think you are afraid to lose face," he gritted his teeth and started to spread his dominion without warning.

"Don't blame me ruthless after that," Afraid? only devil in hell deep, she did not move, instead kept sitting; he was furiously releasing his powerful dominion.

Other Experts retreated several meters, they were afraid to jump in this kind of grudge and unwilling to accept the circumstances afterward.

Sensing this Fang Jin gritted his teeth and released his full force, just not to spare the girl and let me see these cowards afterwards, he thought.

When he condensed his dominion to the brim, he curved his lips in satisfaction. Jen lifted her hand, her hand cuddled with five layers at same time, these five layers pierced through condensed dominion of Fang Jin and she slapped him.

"Huh…" with this slap he was sent flying and bumped against the wall of Veteran Hall. He could not stand for minutes, slap was invincible, he could not stop it by the time it reached to him or he was unable to match its haste, fearsome slap made him cough blood, his two teeth followed with blood, his face was red with impact.

His condition was unacceptable for others especially for Chen Hong.

He swear back then to go against the girl when he would harvest opportunity but seeing this scene, he celebrated in his heart that he obstructed himself from taking any step forward back then and now again. Who were displeased before but looking at the outcome was shocked and willingly accepted this young girl their Head Defender in their hearts.

"Does anyone else have objections?" is taming a human is such easy, she thought in her heart, never mind. "Chen Hong go to General Wong camp and ask him to report the present condition of border side and send few spy to collect information's enemy activities."

She ordered him.

After instructing Chen Hong she directed her attention toward different Veteran Experts sitting in row her left and right.

"Respected Veteran Members report you special technique which you have executed and practiced thousand times," this question was completely out of situation.

Their techniques were their trump cards how could they reveal to anyone but looked at her impassive face they could not deny, they started stating their techniques one by one.

After listening them all, she contemplated for few moments and then spoke, "I am going to make groups of different members according to their technique's attributes, this would complement your strength and to work in group would mean your power would also soar up many fold."

She paused a moment and continued in domineering and stressful voice, "Don't forget the Cause of Veteran Expert, it is to secure the land where we live and develop our strength, this strength will determine the future of our descendants either they will live happily or suffer misery."

Her words were authentic, they were moved by her words, "We will save the land where our descendants will live happily," they spoke in unison and their voice echoed and pierced through the walls of great Veteran Hall.


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