Beautiful Defender
90 War Gong
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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90 War Gong

General Wong came and bowed to Head Defender, "General Wong reporting to Head Defender," she nodded and asked, "What is the present condition of border."

"Reporting to Head Defender, it is expected that within twelve hours they will start disturbance from enemy side."

"Prepare and compose your troops for any time invasion and we will cover the troops."


Xing Mu Dynasty East Border

A sturdy and covered with iron suit, General was sitting in his camp, his aura was blood shot, he was General of East border of Xing Mu Dynasty and was waiting for King's Order, he was little impatient. If it were in his means he would not have waited for King's Order.

He was prepared for war any time soon but he needed Veteran Experts to cover them up and he was delighted to hear the news that Xing Mu Dynasty produced formidable Adroit Expert. It was more than news.

He was suppressing his grudge for many years, now he was impatient to equal the score.

A messenger came and handed red envelop from King, Adroit Expert and Veterans were reaching soon and King gave them free hand to massacre on large scale.

He was delighted to read the King's Order.

Who could possibly stop them from great annexation?

Devil smile appeared on his face.

He ordered his sub-ordinate to get ready the front.

He himself would slaughter the General Wong of Zhang Ming Empire; he sixteen years ago defeated him and sheltered handful rebels and founded the blood enmity back then. Whenever he thought about it his blood burnt with rage.

A soldier of lower rank came rushing and informed him that respected Veterans along with Adroit Expert had reached, his chest blow up with excitement.

He headed out to welcome. Seventy five Veterans with one Adroit Expert came, thirty five years old Adroit Expert aura was threatening, and many avoided staying close to him.

General Shang bowed and welcomed them, "When will you take first step?" Adroit Expert asked with authority, "General Shang Was waiting for seniors to arrive and it's any time soon delay."

He was happy that not only himself, these Experts were also not willing to delay the war.

He was satisfied now.

A huge commotion broke out with his order.

Large troops run toward East Border with the lead of Xing Mu Dynasty General Shang with boastful intentions.

Soon they reached border line and stood rows after rows, General Shang roared and challenged for war. Looking at the commotion General Wong was ready for any enemy movement; he also gathered his large troops of Soldiers on border line.

With War Gong, both armies ran toward each other with blood thirst intents.

No one would spare his enemy….

Both Generals clashed their weapons and war heated up, both sides of Experts were standing on close mountains and high rocks; they would see the minute changes in status quo.

Though Head Defender had fewer amount of time due to sudden War Gong, only six hours but they were able to create successfully group formations for war.


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