Beautiful Defender
91 Blank Donkey
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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91 Blank Donkey

Now fifty Veterans strength surpassed hundred enemy Veterans.

Jen Ming was standing high mountain peak, this showed her high standing her position and power. Enemy Veterans advanced to cover up their soldiers and interrupted the sequence greatly. If a Veteran Expert would be behind few hundred mortal soldiers they would advance rapidly and cause huge massacre during backing and would remain unscathed but Veterans had their limits to their backing.

If Veteran Expert had zero choice he would flee with life energy but if he was bounded by enemy he would be doomed to death in case enemy happened to be strong.

Jen Ming Veteran Army was consisted only fifty Experts while their enemy harvested seventy five and in addition an Adroit Expert.

Let's not talk about seventy five Veteran Experts, single Adroit Expert was enough to deal with army of ten thousand soldiers and if all fifty Veteran Experts join hand to deal with him, most of them would die without doubt few would be crippled for life and one or two would flee with their life force only after harvesting single opportunity.

Thus fifty Veterans of Jen Ming's Veteran Army got dispirited after they looked at enemy Adroit Expert.

Jen did not instructed them to cover their army instead instructed to seep through their dominions and finish them all, they stunned to receive the orders but they had not another choice either of course.

If they took such steps their Adroit Expert would be triggered like Explosive matter. It's been already two hours and both Generals were head-on with several bruises.

Jen ordered, Veterans followed instructions, just went a group formation was about to eradicate ten Veterans, Adroit Expert advanced to disrupt the sequence but Jen was already waiting for his move. Other group formations were also about to fix many enemy Veterans, black robed Contemplation Adroit Expert howled.

Jen knew it was a threat.

She left her peak mountain and appeared before him, just when he thought to eliminate enemy Veterans a girl of not more than sixteen years old appeared before him.

She was heavenly beautiful, her features were breath taking, he was dumbfounded for few moments, "Is that their enemy wanted to seduce Adroit Expert by a beauty but if it was the case then he could think about it twice because this girl was really heavenly defying beauty.

He was captured in her fancy.

Mild but warm wind was brushing against her robs and this add figure and appearance more charm. Was this some kind of spell?

If it was it should not work on me Purple Xing, this was attributed name that others called him because of his high temper.

"But.., but…why she is impassive without any timid expressions…Is she Defender like me? Impossible….impossible," he shook his head.

She was worried why he was standing like blank donkey?

Why did not he attack yet?

Still she was calm and patient and did not attack first, it was not her nature.

Her nature never allowed her to attack first so one could say that she was harmless unless offended. Her years of Contemplation in Yellow River brought assertive and adorable unusual calm in her.


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