Beautiful Defender
92 Display Of Power
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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92 Display Of Power

Her presence brought sense of discomfort and he regained from his misapprehensions and got angry immediately.

She looked behind, battle between soldiers and Generals was at its peak, both sides were valiantly fighting, dead numbers were increasing, many brave men fall, she could calculate that this was going to be tense with every next moment.

Purple Xing could not endure anymore, her domineering silence and baleful aura; he burst out with his deadly dominion.

If he found chance he would chop this girl into pieces who dared to stand in front of him in such prideful way. He got green with anger.

She was prepared, because of her previous experiences she was familiar with many tactics of seniors and nature of their assault.

Her movements were grand and astonishing, she let her dominion to cover hundred meters area and then started to spread layers after layers that would purely act as for her safety.

Who would like to fall in the hands of such mean person, she was aware of the thoughts of his. His anger was on the verge, his dominion was ultimate and killer, much powerful to tackle ten Veteran Experts at same time.

Soon surrounding became burning lava though they just started their head-on so nearby people started to retreat several hundred meters. Who would wish to die without reason, if they caught in any dominion they would doom to death despite begging for life.

She was lazy, he thought, because her reaction time was truly long. But in reality her dominion had covered hundred meters why he could not sense because he was angry to the point of blinding and secondly she did not fill her dominion with killing intent so it was like cat's paw that don't make sound during walk.

Their dominions collided with blasting energy.

Both force created huge aftermath and surrounding air escaped in every direction, impact disturbed the sequence of ground battle. Purple Xing was quit dazed because he met equally powerful dominion for the first time after five years of his learned Adroit-ship.

So he met a powerful enemy, it would be fun, thinking he curved up his lips.

Many moments skipped and their dominions were still on terrible attack mood.

He executed his battle technique Nine Wolves Howling Technique, this technique strengthen ones dominion two fold and disintegrate like hungry wolf.

Air wolf formed in Purple Xing dominion and soon many wolves started hungry clutches onto her dominion and thousands of screeching sounds echoed in air.

Air got stifling and unbearable, it was truly terrifying for mortal soldiers, and piercing sounds were horrendous for their sensitive ears. She activated her Insights and continued with increasing power. The more the power in used the more its repercussions on adjoining air and ground.

Veteran Army was doing and fulfilling the orders of Head Defender by eliminating enemy Veterans. General Wong was head-on with General Shang. General Wong was fulsome to save this girl sixteen years ago, the daughter of Expert became powerful Expert and was fighting with potent enemy to save their land.

The favor he did sixteen years ago she was paying back very well.

General wanted to keep as his daughter back then but he shook the idea after opinion of Emperor. Emperor gave her this surname Ming to save her from any danger back then.
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    《Beautiful Defender》