Beautiful Defender
93 Emotions Are Fatal
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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93 Emotions Are Fatal

She was consistent.

Nine Wolves Howling's Technique was indeed powerful.

Its force was unending, she was also not in hurry, and she continues to defend her dominion. After some time Purple Xing realized that his side was falling continuously.

Many Veterans were dead, few escaped and many were still fighting back, it was not according to plan, he had to something to get rid this girl, seeming no one was on upper hand but he himself knew better that it was tough.

He wielded his powerful spear move with crushing power of his nature of Fury, strong wind started to blow, soon wind overwhelmed and got dusty.

His intention was to get rid this girl as early as possible.

She did not expect it to turn like this.

Surrounding was indistinct but she could that General Wong was fighting despite being injured, her Veteran Army also faced few casualties because of minor number of present member and enemy had large number.

If General Wong died his soldiers army would face drawbacks and would lost their spirit for fight back eventually, Deputy Defender was helping few Veterans too.

It was tough time for all.

She activated her technique Hidden Hunter and then shot three arrows at same time. One of arrows would encounter his spear, second arrow would injure him and third arrow would pin him to ground then she could secure time to help General Wong, but this was what she expected only.

He used his Nine Wolves Howling technique with double, with the nature of fury it was revitalized by him, her arrows barely entered in his dominion and were useless after some time.

Currently she was again on defense state.

He was using two moves with his barbaric dominion to pin her down. It was gulping her defense slowly.

She was also worried for General Wong. The time when she came to know that General Wong her benefactor, she was truthfully grateful toward him and most of all General Wong helped her father till end, it was great favor and every favor is paid with favor.

Just when she was thinking ways to take next step, she noticed that arrow shapes which were appeared on her finger nails were shining with golden almond light.

She was unable to comprehend the reason of their presence and this was first time that they reacted in such danger.

She was still thinking when a sharp spear got a weak point of her dominion and entered in. It was not only sharp its speed was incomparable and its point was aimed at her forehead. Emotions are sometime fatal for humans.

Just when she felt emotional for General Wong, this spear was able to make way through her dominion. It was so sudden that she could not think other way to dodge except putting her right and left hand to make a wall between her face and coming spear.

Small arrows were shining more brightly.

Surrounding air held its breath to catch the moment.

Everything seemed stopped.

Spear crossed her layers one after the other.

She was just sixteen years old and in this small age she faced every moment with single heart, face to face, never begged for mercy, always ready to face the world whatever it brought for her either pleasure or bereavement.


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