Beautiful Defender
94 CATCH-22
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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94 CATCH-22

It seemed that she was all alone but at this moment she felt that many people wished goodness for her selflessly.

She was never alone; every time she needed something there was someone to offer her wholeheartedly, her uncle, aunt, her great teachers or her fellow people.

They left her alone, this was her pleasant life and this spear would snatch all those expectations that they had for her in return of their magnanimity.

The more she got emotional the more she felt weaker.

The small arrows shone more brightly.

Spear approached and touched her palm, her palm felt raging power and energy and metal started to melt and got absorbed in her palm slowly but this was not visible to others because of increasing golden light enveloped her layers completely.

"Huh…what the heck is going on?" Purple Xing was in catch-22.

Slowly she understood a little but there nothing she could comprehend still.

She could only profit from these moments if she wanted to save General Wong before his collapse. She let her Hidden War Stage pampered with Fifth Level Insights and pushed Purple Xing in her dominion for the time being.

Unknown to her, small arrows shot up too from sealing hands when she displayed her Fifth Level Insights, she was in hurry and did not notice this minute detail.

She descended down in between two Generals and swept her arm, General Shang was unable to resist, his chest got tightened, he was little injured also due to head on with General Wong but General Wong himself was on tether ends.

Feeling this opportunity he tried to finish him off when Jen descended and she only swept him away with her little effort but he was unable to endure and collapsed.

His demise brought huge commotion in his army and started to retreat.

Jen went up, Purple Xing was not in better condition he was confounded and helpless against this powerful layer moreover this girl had refined it to the extent that it was beyond his reach to react properly against this attack.

Just when he thought that he could dodge, his body was got riddled with small arrows, his remaining power was absorbed by Hidden War Stage leaving him mind blank who even don't know how the tables turned this way.

Small arrows soaked his point percent energy ruthlessly.

He was wounded, not single part of his body left intact.

He fell on ground with loud bang, air rushed in every way to avoid his body distorted thrust. Xing Mu Empire lost this battle and lost many for many years now until they were able to repair the lose they faced today.

Few veterans of enemy were left but Jen could neglect them for now, next time she would not spare anyone.

She knew herself that she lacked learning greatly.

General Wong was taken to camp; Veterans were helping to collect the bodies of fallen mortal soldiers and injured Veteran Members.

Both sides were sweeping clean the border area. Enemy Veterans were scared out of wits to look at the girl Defender.

They were unwilling to accept the fact that they lost. Their Adroit Expert fell in the battle with serious injuries; they were frightened to look at the girl.

They immediately swept clean the area and retreated back to base camps.


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