Beautiful Defender
95 Demise
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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95 Demise

They don't want to risk their lives by wandering here anymore.

The area that was mess an hour ago became silent and still again though having scares of today's battle on its ground and mountains.

Herbal doctor treated the wounds of General Wong; he was feeling better now, after she passed some orders she went back to Veteran Hall leaving four Veterans on guard for border and camps. It was impossible for Xing Mu Empire to have another Adroit Expert but still she needed some stand up.

There were many things to improve in Veteran Army.


A Veteran Messenger of Xing Mu Army flew at its maximum caliber to reach the Emperor Palace to deliver the news of East Border demise.

Inside the Emperor Palace, slightly plump man above sixty years old age was sitting spine-tingling face, his attire was evident of his wealthy circumstances.

He spoke with confidence with his man, "Get ready the troops of West and north borders as well, there not a single chance for Zhang Ming Empire to win East border, we will snatch their territory and expand our Area of Order."

His words were exuding confidence in his way. Running a man entered in court and gasping bowed immediately,

"Demise… demise My Emperor," he stopped to catch his breath.

Emperor stood up with shock but soon composed and sat again, "What is the matter Veteran Messenger?" Veteran Messenger spoke in frenzy,

"We lost East Border, our strongest man met his fall in the battle, and our side suffered great numbers of casualties and …and…"

Emperor's face darkened with this news, he failed to maintain his skin color with anger. "Are you saying that Adroit Expert lost battle against weakling Zhang Ming Empire East Border?" he was fuming with fury.

"Was not Adroit Expert powerful existence, don't tell me a baby is able to dodge his father?"

"I am afraid this is not the case," Veteran Messenger felt embarrassed to relate Emperor. Emperor felt a surge of fear and kept his gaze on messenger, inside he was afraid to inquire more,

"We are not sliver of equal to them anymore, their Head Defender is a sixteen years old girl and the legacy which my Emperor wished to capture for his son had been succeeded by this girl, despite being young she is extremely powerful."

"That Legacy...she is the heir… she met her legacy?" his body started trembling in fear.

He wiped out the whole clan just to get this legacy from her grandfather yet it still reached to air, sweat popped up on his forehead, his most powerful Adroit Expert fell in the battle, "Not good…not good…my fall is near now."

He murmured to himself…


Veteran Hall of Zhang Ming East Border

Jen was sitting on high seat, they won but it was hair breath win at crucial moments.

Her Veteran Army was weak in many aspects.

These old fogies' were reluctant to keep continue their learning because of their dumb thinking. She ordered to open Contemplation portico in order to start their training anew.

Few Veterans were treated little then they were pushed in learning hall in order to recover from injuries.


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