Born As A Beggar
1 ....Blanked Out....
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Born As A Beggar
Author :Anagata_Vidhata
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1 ....Blanked Out....

The weather is cold as ice. So cold that if you speak even one word, your tongue will freeze.

So, everyone is covered in heavy clothing except for one person.

Is it a person ? A corpse would be a better word.

In the 'City of Sinners' this isn't any new thing.

Many people die here everyday because of several reasons.

Maybe money. Maybe love failure. Maybe they are killed.

Who cares ?

But, the surprising thing was this corpse suddenly started to move.

Of course, who gives a fuck about what is happening to another person here.

So, no one noticed.

The corpse stood up and opened it's eyes.

I guess now, we have to call it a human.

Why should I call it a human, you may ask.

Because in this world, there are several different species.

Half-bloods. Spirits. Fairies. Tree-dwellers.... so on..

This human who stood up checked his clothing.

Tattered clothes. Ashen face. Muddy finger nails. Empty pockets.

Basically, a beggar. But, he didn't understand anything.

He checked his surroundings.

He tried remembering things.

His mind was blank.

He didn't know who he was, how he was here or what the fuck was actually going on.

Surprisingly, he didn't even know what the other people were talking.

His mind was like that of a one-year old. Totally empty.

He just laid there in the pile of snow. Crying.

(The most fearful thing in the world is not death.

But, ignorance.

Ignorance may be bliss but, only for the brain-dead.

Who do you think wants to have no knowledge ??)

He cried and cried... cause he didn't know what was happening.

He even forgot to pinch himself to see if it was a dream or not.

That was his current state of mind.


And that my friends, is what we are gonna call him from now on.


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