Born As A Beggar
2 As Delicate As Snow
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Born As A Beggar
Author :Anagata_Vidhata
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2 As Delicate As Snow

As Zero was laying there sobbing, he heard something.

He heard a very weird sound and looked at the source.

It was not a human. It was an animal.

The nearby people were throwing stones at it and were talking with it at a really loud volume.

They were conversing with it saying "Blaslkfdsfjdsfjhsafjhsafjdsbdsabfhdsfkhbdks"

The dog was good with it's words.

It only said one word.

"Woof" "Woof" "Woof"

Well, he understood his first word in this world.


He just sat there looking at it.

The people instead of touching it, used the laying by objects to hit it.

The dog started to bleed.

It started to cry and run away.

It ran past Zero and hid in the trash can beside him.

Zero went to the people trying to talk to them. Out of curiosity.

Seeing him, the people threw the stones at him too. (Of course he couldn't comprehend what were the stones called or anything at all)

He also did the same thing.

He ran to the trash can and dived head straight into it.

The dog in the can looked at him with gnarly eyes.

But, when it sniffed him and found his scent similar to it's own - Filthy and Disgusting, it understood his plight.

So, it calmed it's attitude towards him.

After those people left, the dog came out of the trash can.

Seeing it, Zero followed.

The dog soon crawled through a hole in the wall and went into an abandoned building.

Zero saw it and followed it's lead.

The dog noticed that someone was following it and glared back. It saw that it was this human.

It barked at him.

Zero barked back at it.

This went on for like mins.

The dog got tired and went ahead, while Zero followed it.


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