Born As A Beggar
3 Two Weeks Later
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Born As A Beggar
Author :Anagata_Vidhata
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3 Two Weeks Later

The dog and Zero are now living in that new building together.

One day the dog goes out and gets food while the next day, Zero goes out and gets food.

They both agreed upon it.


Zero can now understand Woof. (only Woof though, not every dog)

I know that the name is lame but, that is what Zero decided to call it. So, blame him.

Their meals comprised of stale-bread and dead birds.

Zero used to puke what he ate for the first few days but later, he got used to it.

This went on for another week.

It has been three weeks and 1 day since Zero came into this world. (3 weeks and 4 days if you count the three days he passed out after transmigration.)

Zero's current age is 3 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. (He doesn't know this.)

One day as he went scavenging for food and came back, he found out that Woof was missing.

He went ahead and started to search for it.

It was snowing so, he saw dog paws and after a while they vanished.

Near the dog tracks, he saw some weird footprints that looked similar to his but, slightly bigger.

He followed them and followed them until he saw a scene.

Woof was picked up by a person and that person was giving it a bath in the lake of the Zuishala City.

{ Note :



Zuì'è Zhī Chéng

These three towns are placed as the vertices of a triangle.

While the sides of the triangle are the city walls.

The inside of the triangle contains a forest.

At the incentre of the triangle, there is a lake.

The triangle is called Zuishala City.}

He approached the person and barked at them.

The other party looked him in his eyes and scanned his body. Then, they looked at Woof.

Woof barked at them.

The person then dragged Zero into the lake and started giving him a bath also.

Then the person spoke, "My name is Almas and I am Zephyr's owner."


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