Born As A Beggar
4 Zuishala - A True Balance Long Chapter
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Born As A Beggar
Author :Anagata_Vidhata
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4 Zuishala - A True Balance Long Chapter

Warning : Extreme descriptiveness ahead.

"Please read the author's notes."

The city of Zuishala city is located on an island.

The island looks like a triangle.

The three vertices are three harbours.



Zuì'è Zhī Chéng (Sin City in Chinese)

The three towns have harbours that fit with their statuses.



Shangri-La - The land of peace and perpetual youth has it's harbour filled with lots and lots of people.

Placed on the right side of the city, the city literally opens it's doors here as the main entrance to the city directly paves the way into Shangri-La.

Because it believes in peace, the city is full of hospitality.

Filled with levitating gardens and temples floating on water, not only is it technologically well-developed, it is also full of fertile farms and noisy yet lovely livestock.

The city hall is located here as this is the biggest town out of all three.

The imperial family lives near the forest and lake of Zuishala city.

The town is full of 'Sanger Doves' which truly fit their name. Instead of chirping, these birds sing and hymn. The interesting point is that the doves from the Dharma temple sing with a tone of just, while the doves from the Karma temple sing with a tone of holiness.

At the parts where the towns Zuì'è Zhī Chéng and Shangri-La meet, you can see people infusing themselves with Cannabis and hallucinogens.

At the Shangri-La and Shambhala junction, you can see these same hallucinogens and Cannabis being used for medication and therapy.

The emblem for the town is the Butterfly Dove.

These doves are only present in the Dharma and Karma temples.

35% of the cities revenue is generated here.

Mostly from the temple's contribution in helping out, the local people set up small shop near the temples and lake only on the conditions that they keep the surroundings clean, be good to their customers and donate 5% of their monthly revenue to the temple's funds.

Most of the temple's funds go to charity work and maintenance.



Shambhala - The city of righteousness and riches has an interesting feature.

Placed on the bottom of the map, it is a marvelous example of man and mother nature's co-ordination as the natural harbour was beautiful and now it's features were revamped by the citizens.

It was a harbour but now, it is a port.

The port is filled with storage lock-ups and shops.

The shops are organized by the city-hall of Zuishala as it certifies every store that is opened.

If a shop is found to not fit the status, the city takes hold of it and outstrips (meaning:to outdo) it and gives it back to the owner while collecting a higher tax from them for a certain amount of time.

The goods are bought from the government from a lower price and the vendors sell it according to the stock-market.

The town is mostly commercial and only 35% is residential.

The houses look very corporate, clean and pristine while the shops look very hospitable and amiable.

Since it is the richest town out of the three, it has many commercial tourist places.

Some are even bought or rented by the affluent or dominant personnel.

Especially, the forest and lake of Zuishala city have been modified in this part of the town to be used for tourism. So unlike the portion of the lake in Shangri-La where the lake and forest are left undisturbed, this part looks more structured, organized and symmetrical.

Even the hills on this side of the town have been cleaned and cleared out to look more appealing to the eyes while the ones in Shangri-La look natural yet holy.

50% of revenue for the Zuishala city is generated by the Shambhala town only.

The town's collaboration with Shangri-La brings them medicine, dairy and every raw material required to start the industrial process.

But, the industries are not located here though.

They are located in Zuì'è Zhī Chéng.

The emblem of the town is the Red Ox (Similar to the Chinese Ox).



Zuì'è Zhī Chéng - The Sin City has the smallest port and the smallest size out of the three.

Placed on the left side of the city, the revenue generated by this town is 15% of the city's revenue while the unofficial revenue generated by the city is almost 75% of the city's revenue.

This town is mostly filled with industries and smoke while the roads are full of snow, dirt, mud and blood.

The emblem of the town is the White Spotted Jaguar.

The crime rate (only found in this town) is 75%.

75% of the town is industrial area while 15% is residential.

5% of the town has the recycle and trash area.

4% is the cemetery.

1% is filled with rubble.

The mortality rate in this town is 1% i.e, 1 out of 100 people die here almost everyday.

The residential area is mostly slums.

Many children here used to die of starvation and hunger while the other children just adapted to it and started to loot and kill.

These are the initial stages of the "breaking down" of this city.

If this is not controlled now then the situation will only turn worse.

P.S :

'Sanger' is German for the word 'Singer'.

In Mayan mythology, the Jaguar was seen as the ruler of the Underworld.

Also, Zuishala looks like this :

_________/ / (Entrance)

\ /

(Left) \ . / (Right)

\ /




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