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Broly The Saiyan of Legend!
Author :Draugzel
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241 Moro

Broly opened his eyes and looked around, only to see himself in an empty bed. He got up and walked out of his bedroom and towards his office on the third floor.

He opened the door and set down at his desk, pressed a button and then operated on a screen that was raised up from within the desk.

He scrolled through several pages of data about branches and trading planets all across the universe. There were also some data about some powerful beings that are causing problems.

He looked through some files about traitors, which were few in between, and about problems that needed new laws to be dealt with.

Corruption was severely punished, and this proved to be diminishing the likelihood of someone becoming corrupt, but somewhere just getting more creative to avoid being revealed. They were in need for new methods to smoke them out.

Broly yawned heavily and then turned off the screen before leaving his office.

It wasn't that they were boring cases or irrelevant for developing his kingdom, it was just the fact that every single case was in the process of being resolved.

Several agents, warriors, lawyers etc. were already working on these things. Furthermore, Broly wasn't the one that put forward the request to have it solved.

He didn't even know of most of these things until he just read it now.

It was probably because he hardly managed his own kingdom. Only if it were game changing events, his opinion was needed, otherwise the process was already automated and the main culprit for this was his own wife.

"Sigh. That system of hers is too efficient, why can't she leave me some cases." Broly mumbled.

He had walked towards the royal palace, while eating some street food on the way. As he entered the palace, he was greeted by several guards that saluted to him.

Broly walked past them and entered the office that was meant for his use, but now someone else was almost living in it.

"Hey darling. One minute…" Alea said without looking up as she tipped away on her screen. Broly walked towards the giant window behind Alea that pointed to the city center.

Countless people walking to and fro, while several space cars landed or headed into space.

He turned around to look at Alea's screen, which displayed a highly sensitive case about a powerful planet in another district, they didn't have any authority over yet.

It seems like some corrupt Exousians had escaped to this planet and sought refuge there.

It was a good thing that all Super Saiyans that headed to Pera's island was bound by a soul contract. Even if they wanted to betray Exousia, they couldn't. If they could, the damage caused would be a lot higher than these average criminals.

Alea wrote a few paragraphs before turning around. "Hey, sorry about that." Alea said as she stood up to hug him.

"How are you?" Broly asked as he gently placed his hand on her slightly grown stomach. "I am fine. Isn't it precisely because paperwork isn't as demanding as training that you asked me to spend more time on it?"

"Indeed, but everything needs balance. Let's go, get breakfast!" Broly said as he took her hand and walked towards a couch, where a lazy Zangya was dozing off.

He flicked her forehead. "You too!" The three then picked up Cana in the agency for intelligence.

Although she was mostly childish, she still often headed to this agency to get the current status of everything. After picking her up, they went to a near restaurant that Broly had taken a liken too.

It was just that their pancakes reminded him of past times, even though it wasn't called pancakes here…

He relaxed and happily conversed with his wives. Alea couldn't stop talking about work and Cana complained, why she didn't have a baby yet.

Zangya was yawning the whole time. Her belly hadn't grown yet, but since her control over her body was befitting to her status as an expert, they already knew that it was coming without the need of any scans.

They talked a lot, while Broly mostly listened and only put some input into the conversation. They then visited some friends in different solar systems.

Most of the disciples of the former city lord had been given a planet, when they allied themselves with Broly. They were busy as they had large areas to cover with their management.

Actually, everyone they visited and they themselves were busy as they weren't tyrants like Frieza and wanted the planets they occupied or protected to flourish.

However, most have already adapted to the new system that Alea had introduced and most of their workload decreased by a lot.

It seemed that the system of Alea is based on the Big Gete Star. Broly had warned her to not use the original chip and only study it, otherwise it would be a bad call to implement it on Exousia.

While they were conversing with Zinjo, the crystal on Broly's arm wrist suddenly blinked. Broly pressed on the crystal and a holograph appeared. A report of some problem appeared.

Broly frowned as he looked through the report. A week ago, he got a request form the Galactic Patrol. They asked for aid against an escapee called Moro.

They said that this guy had even some conflict with Supreme Kais, one of which was the Grand Supreme Kai.

Broly remembered that he had seen Moro's name on the list of the most powerful beings in this universe. In fact, Moro was placed at number one.

Broly responded to the Galactic Patrol that he would scout his strength and sent out two Ascended Super Saiyans.

Although he said that, he thought they would be enough to deal with this 'Planet-Eater Moro' as the Supreme Kais weren't really impressive to say the least.

They even could be called weak in Broly's eyes. However, in the end they still managed to seal off his magical abilities with godly ki.

Although the Galactic Patrol couldn't kill him even after having his powers sealed, it was the Galactic Patrol, after all.

They weren't just weak, Broly still had no idea, how they managed to get a foothold in this universe, no in the Milky Galaxy.

It was only due to Broly's help that they were able to expand beyond this galaxy.

However, now he got a report that the Galactic Patrol lost contact with these two Saiyans and he couldn't help but take it more seriously now.

It had to be said that both had devices to instantly sent out distress signals, but surprisingly they seemed to have disappeared without a ruckus.

The strength of this Moro guy had to be high to instantly get rid of two Ascended Super Saiyans, not giving any of them a chance to react.

Of course, that was only Broly's guess. It wasn't yet confirmed that they had died, much less died to Moro, just their disappearance was noted until now.

However, Broly had been bored for the last few months after the tournament of power and desperately looked for an opponent.

He would have gone to the other universes but because of his display of strength, he was categorized on the same level of gods of destruction and was therefore not allowed in another gods' territory.

They monitored him cautiously and especially the angels had their eyes on him.

They had seen the whole battle from the beginning to end and were affected by it the most, even though they didn't show it on their face.

Only Whis and Beerus had visited him from time to time, but Whis was unwilling to teach him as he needed to find his own enlightenment.

His wives already knew that he would definitely jump on that case now and quickly shooed him away.

Zinjo assured him that it was fine and saw them off. After Broly dropped them off on Exousia, Broly didn't hesitate anymore and teleported away to planet Namek.

It seemed that Moro somehow got the information of this planet. It didn't take much thinking to understand for what reason he wanted to come here.

He gathered the dragon balls in one place and floated above them cross-legged. He only needed to wait for Moro to come for him. This way he didn't need to fly around the universe to search for him.

Suddenly, he heard explosions in the distance and directly sensed the aura that were coming from there. The magical currents weren't overseen either.

It was an impressive display of power and a smell of death came along with it. It felt like the user was not a living being, in fact Broly could sense several millions of dead auras.

Broly's eyebrows twitched slightly before he casted an illusion and a barrier around the dragon balls. Afterwards he shot into the sky directly heading for the intense battle in the distance.

He squinted his eyes slightly as he felt the lifeforce of the planet being sucked out of.

Even the Namekians weren't sparred of this destiny. It seemed like his title as a 'Planet-Eater' wasn't just decoration.

He gritted his teeth as he looked towards the three entangled lights with eyes that seemed to glow red. "Vegeta, Goku, how dare you steal my prey!!"


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