Gourmet of Another World
1339 Even Artifact Spirits Can“t Stand It Anymore
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Gourmet of Another World
Author :Li Hongtian
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1339 Even Artifact Spirits Can“t Stand It Anymore

The Perishing Pot and the Crazy Sword Pot were joined like a pair of fishes nestling head to tail against each other. Bu Fang got the idea from his Yin-Yang spirit sea, so they were in a balanced state. Most importantly, he added a Fortune Flatbread in each pot.

He had thought of carving the Time Gourmet Array into them. However, he hadn't tested the new array, and he didn't know how powerful it was. It would be an unfortunate event if the pots exploded before he could throw them out, so he didn't do that.

Like a bright ray, the two pots tangled with each other and sped through the air at great speed, crumbling the void as they went.

Tyrant Patriarch's eyes shone like lightning as they fixed at the approaching pots. A faint look of disdain came over his face, and he lifted a hand, thinking to smash them with a slap. He would never be frightened by the trick of a Nine-revolution Little Saint. All Tyrants had great confidence in their flesh, and their bodies were their strongest offensive means.

Bu Fang's expression was somewhat strange when he threw the pots. It was on a whim that he added the Fortune Flatbread. He didn't know how much they would increase the power generated by the collision of the two pots, but he knew it would not be too weak.

When he was just a One-revolution Little Saint, the power produced by the fusion of the pots was already extremely scary. Now that his strength had improved significantly and had reached the level of Nine-revolution Little Saint, the power of the Perishing Pot and the Crazy Sword Pot had increased greatly as well.

This was Bu Fang's first test of how powerful their explosion was. Since Tyrant Patriarch was so strong, he thought he would use him as the test subject. Tyrant Patriarch wanted to kill him anyway, and it served him right to be killed.

Nether King Er Ha and the others were stunned when they saw the things Bu Fang had thrown out. Yellow Spring Great Sage narrowed his eyes, while Ice Saint furrowed her brows.

Bu Fang was somewhat expectant. With the Fortune Flatbread in them, he wasn't sure how powerful the Yin-Yang Pots were. It all depended on his luck.

"Just a small trick!" Tyrant Patriarch's eyes shone like torches. A strong aroma lingered in the starry sky. Looking at the two pots, his eyes grew colder and colder. "Sure enough… I can't believe that you're using dishes as weapons. You're more direct than that man…"

He took a deep breath and threw a palm at the two pots—he wanted to blow them apart with a slap. The next moment, his palm struck the pots. Then, after a moment of silence, they exploded with a deafening rumble. Dreadful blasts enveloped heaven and earth in an instant, while flames devoured everything.

The energy in the Perishing Pot was boiling, melting the Fortune Flatbread inside. Then, the fortune gas in the bread spread through the whole pot. The same thing was happening to the Crazy Sword Pot as well, and in the blink of an eye, both pots burst into light.

When Tyrant Patriarch slapped the pots, he immediately felt something was not right, and his brows furrowed.

"Hmm?" The other Patriarchs, who were not far from him, also made surprised sounds as if they felt something strange in this attack.

The explosion erupted and instantly devoured Tyrant Patriarch. Amid the flames, thousands of swords flew back and forth at great speed. Then, as the fortune gas burst out, the power of the explosion climbed once again, causing Sword Demon Patriarch and the others to back off several steps in horror. 

Powerful waves of air swept across heaven and earth while deafening rumbling sounds rang through the skies. All the people were completely shocked. Looking at Tyrant Patriarch, who was devoured by flames, everyone swallowed hard.

Was this attack really unleashed by that chef, who was just a Nine-revolution Little Saint? Its power was already comparable to the attack of a Nine-revolution Great Saint! The terrible destructive force seemed to crumble the battlefield of the stars!

Yellow Spring Great Sage widened his eyes, then he laughed. He felt a burst of relief as he watched the fire swallow up Tyrant Patriarch. "This explosion should be enough to give that fellow a hard time!" he said excitedly.

Tyrant Patriarch was very strong, but such an explosion was not something anyone could resist. He would be wounded even with his formidable flesh.

'Little friend Bu Fang always comes out with strange things. With the improvement of his strength, the power of the pots actually increased so much… In the future, when he becomes a Great Saint, I bet he will blow a hole in this starry sky with those pots! What a violent guy!'

Mighty sword intent rampaged in the sky as if they were trying to rip the void apart. It was a long time before they slowly dwindled and disappeared.

A hush fell over the battlefield. Everyone was staring at the center, where Tyrant Patriarch was devoured by the explosion. They were curious to know if he had resisted the blasts or had turned into ashes.

The Patriarchs focused their eyes and watched. Suddenly, their pupils constricted.

Er Ha, Yellow Spring Great Sage, and the others narrowed their eyes as well.

In the void, the residual waves of the explosion faded away. As the dust, flames, smoke, and sword intent gradually disappeared, a figure could be vaguely seen standing straight like a spear in the battlefield of the stars. Soon, everyone was able to see the figure clearly, and they all gasped.

Tyrant Patriarch stood proudly on the battlefield, his hair lashing at the void like lightning. His muscles were bulged out, which made him look burlier. In those muscles were forces that could destroy heaven and earth. Sword marks covered his body, which was left behind by the sword intent of the Crazy Sword Pot. One of them looked particularly ugly—it started from below his neck and ran all the way to his waist. It was a terrifying wound. There was blood seeping out of the gash, but just a little.

Tyrant Patriarch's eyes were indifferent, and the corners of his lips curved upward slightly. Meanwhile, the wounds on his body began to wriggle and heal rapidly. Before long, even the long ugly gash was gone. Under his twitching muscles, his blood rumbled like the sound of waves pounding on rocks.

"I have to admit that your attack is an amazing one. An ordinary Nine-revolution Great Saint would have been seriously injured by it, if caught unprepared. A pity that your opponent is me." Tyrant Patriarch rested his eyes on Bu Fang. He said that with a praising tone, and he even looked at Bu Fang with some appreciation.

He was right. Tyrants' flesh was invincible, and when they became Saints, they were almost immortal. If it were Sword Demon Patriarch or others, they might have been severely wounded by Bu Fang's attack.

The Fortune Flatbread had made the explosion more powerful. Originally, the combination of the Perishing Pot and the Crazy Sword Pot was about as strong as Yellow Spring Great Sage's punch after he became bald. However, when they were enhanced by the flatbread, they became stronger than his punch. Eventually, they managed to wound Tyrant Patriarch.

However, this kind of injury was only a minor injury to Tyrant Patriarch.

"You're strong with incredible talents… truly worthy to be that man's inheritor. Perhaps your potential is even greater than that man, for when he was at your level, he could never hurt even my hair…" A grim smile brushed Tyrant Patriarch's lips. "But because of that, you must die!"

All the sword marks on his body, including those larger ones, had completely healed. Looking at his perfect body, Tyrant Patriarch sneered, "Now it's my turn to attack." He then raised his head and fixed his eyes at Bu Fang. 

Bu Fang's pupils constricted, and his flesh crept. He felt as if he was being stared at by a venomous snake. It was an unpleasant feeling.


A golden body flew across the sky and appeared in front of Bu Fang in a flash, exuding an oppressive aura that sent shivers through everyone. With his bulging muscles, Tyrant Patriarch looked like a little giant, and his fists were even larger than Whitey's. Suddenly, he lifted a fist and threw it at Bu Fang. If it hit him, his head would be blown apart instantly.

At this moment, Yellow Spring Great Sage appeared and waved his hand. The water of the Yellow Spring River gathered rapidly in his palm into a spinning vortex. He was going to block the punch.


The punch struck the vortex and broke it instantly. Yellow Spring Great Sage's pupils constricted as a great force knocked him flying away like a cannonball, causing him to smash into a meteorite. He opened his mouth and coughed up some blood.

At his full power, Tyrant Patriarch made Yellow Spring Great Sage cough blood with just one blow.

Was this the strength of a Perfected Great Saint?!

Ice Saint and Er Ha narrowed their eyes and were about to move when Tyrant Patriarch turned around and let out a deafening roar like a savage monster.


Er Ha and Ice Saint were in a trance. They felt as if a ferocious beast was roaring at them, while a powerful wave of energy poured over and forced them back several steps.

Even then, a leg lashed out toward Bu Fang's head.

Nethery's black eyes shone with a turquoise light as she rose to her feet on the Netherworld Ship, and her aura began to surge. However, she had just moved when Bu Fang stopped her.

Looking at the terrible and oppressive Tyrant Patriarch, Bu Fang's eyes focused. Tyrant Patriarch was indeed very strong. Since Nether Puppeteer Patriarch and Di Ting Patriarch were stronger, how terrifying were they?

For the first time, Bu Fang felt that the strength of Nether Prison was so strong. Meanwhile, he also had a faint feeling that the Patriarchs of the nine Nether Prison clans had an extremely strong desire to kill him. 'Maybe they have some grudge against the previous host, so they're afraid that I will grow up…'

Bu Fang entered his spirit sea. Inside, nine whirlpools were spinning, while a golden book floated in midair with two golden liquid drops over it. They were the God of Cooking's divine power, which was his reward.

The White Tiger, lying in a corner of the spirit sea, flicked open his eyes. Even the Black Turtle, who was sleeping, looked over suspiciously.

At this moment, the Divine Dragon cried out, "What a wasteful little host! Are you going to waste the divine power liquid drops again?! Do you know how precious they are?!"

All the Artifact Spirits looked over and fixed their eyes at Bu Fang, who was floating over the golden book.

The White Tiger rose to his feet. Perhaps he couldn't stand it anymore. "Host… Don't waste the divine power liquid drops. Let me handle this! It's not easy to get the divine power. You have to use it with care."

Bu Fang paused. He did not expect that the Artifact Spirits would react so violently. He had used a liquid drop to kill the Nine-revolution Great Saint of the Black Temple, Black Demon. Since the enemy this time was stronger, wasn't it normal to use another liquid drop?

"My enemy this time is very likely a Perfected Great Saint…" Bu Fang's face was grim.

However, the White Tiger cocked his head proudly and said, "A Perfected Great Saint? He's just rubbish to me… Besides, he should be looking forward to seeing me."

In the void, Tyrant Patriarch threw out his palm. The next moment, however, his movement halted abruptly. He saw Bu Fang's eyes change—they became extremely sharp like swords.

Suddenly, Bu Fang's black hair turned white. Then, he raised his chin, produced a Fortune Flatbread, and took a bite off it.

"Tyrant, little boy, I haven't seen you in a long time…"


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