Harry Potter Transmigration
8 Theory of Magic
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Harry Potter Transmigration
Author :Profound1
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8 Theory of Magic

"I want a comprehensive background report on House of Black, House of Malfoy and House of Potter," said Harry cooly. "By comprehensive, I mean everything and anything. It should include what the Ministry of magic knows and what they don't know. Separate what is fact and what is rumours into two files for each family. Their family trees also need to be included. This amount should suffice to get you started."

Harry lightly threw a pouch at Burkes, who easily caught it. He opened the pouch, with widened eyes said, "This is ...!"

"600 Galleons," said Harry, like it was nothing. "500 down payment for your services and another 100 for all your books on the Dark Arts, Occlumency and Ligilimency."

"Consider your request fulfilled, Mr Ambrosius," said Burkes, with a slight bow.

"Remember, should a third person gains knowledge of our dealings ...," continued Harry, looking at Burkes straight in the eyes as he released as much magical pressure as he could master, "... well, I don't think there's any need for me iterate it."


"Aunt Petunia," said Harry with a broad smile.

Harry had returned to where he had left his aunt after he had completed his business with Burkes. It had actually surprised him how many books the antiques store owner had on Occlumency and Legilimency. What the store owner had on the Dark Arts was within Harry's expectations considering the store dealt with dark artifacts. However, the books on the other two topics? Way out of his expectations. He was glad to walk away with thirty books in total on this occasion with half being on the Dark Arts.

"Ready to go home?" asked Harry.

"Are you already finished?" asked Petunia. "I just finished buying some sweets to take home."

"Yes, I'm finished. Let's go home."

*** Borgin and Burkes ***

After Harry had left his store, Burkes had gone to his store's back office and slumped on his armchair. His face had gone pale and was drinking from his bottle of old whiskey.

'That boy is a monster,' he thought, finally opening his eyes. 'He took all of the original copies of the books I had at hand. He even asked for more. And that pressure he released on me ... that's not something a nornal child who's not even ten yet can do.'

Burkes filled his glass to the brim with whiskey again and began gulping it down like no tomorrow. 'Forget about whether it would empower me or not ... whoever raised him is the real monster. If the child fully matures, he will make the Dark Lord and Dumbledore look like a pair of shits. Sigh ... forget it, I should get to work! That monstrous child only gave me six months to complete his order.'

*** 4 Privet Drive, Surrey ***

"Aaaaarrrrggghhh!" screamed Harry as soon as he stepped inside the house.

"What happened?!" asked Petunia, turning to face Harry, startled.

Vernon and Dudley quickly came rushing towards the doorway with shocked faces and asked; "What happened?"

"I just remembered what I had forgotten!" exclaimed Harry, teary eyed. "I forgot to buy some important books!"

"Don't scare us like that, stupid boy!" roared Vernon. "I thought someone got killed!"

"You don't understand!" said Harry, fighting back his tears. "This is worse! These were important books I wanted! I'm going to fall behind now!"

"Idiot boy!" snarled Vernon. "Just get it the next time you go there!"

"Ah! You're right!" said Harry, recovering. "I got enough books now to last me well into the new year."

"Don't scare us like that again, Harry," said Petunia. "Go and put your books away and come back down. I'll go and prepare dinner."

"Alright," said Harry, making his way to his room. 'I'll have to make sure to buy the necessary books on Wandlore and broomstick making. That way, my understanding on wandless magic will deepen and I might find a way to fly like Voldemort did in Deathly Hallows.'

*** 5 Weeks Later ***

Immediately after Harry had returned from Diagon Alley, he made adjustments to his timetable. His main area of focus was on Theory of Magic, followed by Occlumency and the Dark Arts spells. He left Legilimency alone for the time being as he wanted to fully master Occlumency before he touched the subject.

Amongst the books Harry had purchases from Borgin and Burkes, books on Theory of Magic were also included. He had decided to put a pause in learning new spells and had decided to learn what others thought on the Theory of Magic.

*** 05.02.1988 - 1 Year Later ***

Harry sat down on the armchair of his new house as he stared at the downpour of rain through the windows. It was a regular evening in February and the central heating had been left on the entire day, making the room cozy and warm.

Last month, their neighbours finally moved to America after selling the house to the Dursleys who had put it in Harry's name. Harry had instantly began rennovating every inch of the house, ensuring everything was to his liking. The end product had turned the interiors of the house into a modern-Victorian style house. This splurge had taken a good chunk of his money. However, it was a money well spent.

Harry shifted his gaze to the feather that was floating at the tip of his finger caused by his usage ot the Levitation Charm, Wingardium Leviosa.

The new set of books he had purchased during his second visit to Diagon Alley alongside the books he already possessed from the first visit had already been read. He had made notes from them memorised the steps of either the spell casting or potion making.

With the spells he had learnt, he was practicing them on a daily basis so as to perfect them to the point they became reflexive. Learning how to do something was one thing, but being able to use them at a moment's notice was another. It was this that Harry was attempting to achieve. His progress in this aspect was going smoothly.

As for the aspect of potion-making, Harry's practical skills had skyrocketed ever since he got his supply of potion ingredients. He bought 20 sets of ingredients for every potion that was listed on the Magical Drafts and Potions book. Practicing each potion twenty times would allow him enough practice to perfectly brew them.

'Magic ... using it Wandless and Chantless ...,' pondered Harry, staring at the feather as he started to rotate it. 'I'm able to use it Wandless but still can't do it Chantless ... why? I don't remember J.K. Rowling going into details about Wandless and Chantless magic, so I need to go beginner style.

Wait ... I'm going backwards with this ... hahaha ... while most people are starting off with Wands and Chant, going into Chantless and finally Wandless, I'm doing the complete reverse ... oh boy ... anyway ...

Before the why, I think I need to answer ... what is Magic? From what I understand so far, Magic appears to be a form of energy that only certain people can use. According to J.K. Rowling, it's only people with the Genes. But I'll get to that later.

Like how in Naruto, only certain people can use Chakra, it seems to be the case here as well ... but with magic.

Going with that logic, our ability to better utilise this energy source known as Magic, precise control and great sensitivity to it is required. I already possess both, yet why can't I go Chantless?'

Harry continued falling deeper into his thoughts as he swirled the feather faster and faster. His eyes started becoming droopy as he slowly fell asleep.

Harry found himself drifting into a dreamlike state as floated down to a nearby lakeside. The lakeside was strangely sunny with a pleasant breeze drifting in the air. The area surrounding the lake was beautifully decorated with flower beds, almost like a flower garden.

By the lakesides, Harry found a figure in a well-tailored three piece suit that appeared to be made from high quality materials. With great curiousity, Harry inched closer to the figured that Harry had already recognised to be a well-built man's.

As Harry's feet touched the ground, he continued to pay close attention to the man in front of him. The man Harry was facing turning his head around to look at Harry in great surprise.

"I would not have thought I would get a visitor today of all days," said the man in a calm, yet surprised tone.

Harry found the man's tone to be quite soothing, and seemed like it had the same effects as a Calming Draught. The man had crystal clear brown eyes, healthy white skin and sharply kempt grey hair and beard.

"What's so special about today?" askes Harry, surprised he could communicate with the man.

"It's my birthday today," revealed the man with a sad mini-smile.

"Nostalgia, huh?" mutteredHarry, a cloud of sadness covering his eyes as he frowned.

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Although Harry said that quietly, the man standing beside him heard it clearly. He received the second surprised of the day from the same source. The man was not expecting such sadness to resonate from such a young boy. Oddly enough, the man found himself at ease around the boy. He smiled faintly as he returned his gaze towards the lake and continued standing there.

Harry quickly cast aside his thoughts and lazily looked up at the suited man. Harry didn't know why, but he felt comfortable around this man. Harry didn't know this stranger and he was sure they had never met before; however, there was a resonance that occurred between them as though it was planned by some divine entity.

Just like the suited man, Harry also revealed a faint smile and turned his lazy gaze towards the calm and still lake.

'How tranquil,' thought Harry, gently lifting his hand. Harry softly turned his wrist clockwise and shifted his fingers as if screwing in a lightbulb.

The suited man observed Harry's actions with fascination as he noticed magic dancing around the young boy's fingers. He sensed the intensity of magic increase around Harry's wrist and fingers increase as it spread out towards the lake. The man's eyebrows shot up in shock at the fine control the young boy had over his magic. It was not quite at the same level as his own control over his magic, but it was not that far off.

The man's interest and fascination in young Harry increased a level. He was now paying more attention. The man noticed Harry repeating his wrist turning action for the second time as the magic in the surrounding air fused together with the boy's magic. The man could clearly sense the magic yielding to the boy's control as if dancing in joy.

Harry's focus was now at its peak. The magic he released was fully under his control. He could clearly sense the dense magical energy in the surrounding air. The density of magic was greater than in Privet Drive. This made Harry extremely happy as it allowed him to use magic with greater ease and in abundance.

Therefore, Harry decided to experiment. He wanted the magic in the air to join with his own magic that he just released. He imagined the magic in the air coiling together with his own and becoming one.

Harry's initial faint smile slowly grew wider and wider noticing the success he was having. Seeing how fun it was manipulating his own magic as well as the magic in the surrounding environment, Harry decided to push forward. He gently pushed the magic under his control until it touched the calm lake water.

Harry closed his eyes and simply imagined his magic lifting a small amount of water from the still lake. Seconds after thinking about it, water that was enough to fill have a cup swiftly rose to Harry's eyelevel and gently remained there; motionless. This called Harry to smile from ear to ear.

"This is--!" the man exclaimed in shock, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.


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