Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
12 S-Rank, Best Rank
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Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
Author :Seshata
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12 S-Rank, Best Rank

Predictably, Little Jojo is overexcited and full-on snot-crying when I return to the path, tanuki in tow. He rushes toward me, arms pinwheeling in anticipation of another exuberant public display of affection. "Erebus, my hero! You saved Neko-chan!"

"Don't mention it," I tell him, as I shove my hand in his face to keep him arm's length away. "Seriously. Please, let's never speak of this again."

I push the tanuki into Little Jojo's grubby hands before another of the kid's deathgrip hugs can deplete the last of my poor trousers' durability.

The twinkling chime of the system alert doesn't quite drown out Neko's betrayed squeaks as he's subjected to the tengu child's fierce affection in my place.

I try to apologize with my eyes: "Sorry, buddy. But only one of us needs to be nuts-out in broad daylight, you know?"

I like to think Neko's responding honk means he understands.

[Quest Complete! You completed Foundation Quest: Sprint II {Save Neko}]

[Quest Success Rating: S – Perfect usage of Foundation Skill: Sprint (Basic)!]

[Quest Reward: +25 EXP; Foundation Skill Upgrade: Sprint (Intermediate)]

[Chain Quest Bonus Reward: +1 Vitality]

*Cue heavy breathing and star-shine eyes*

I take back every negative thing I've ever said about the handsy brat and his ballsy dog Cat.

This chain quest was absolutely worth every annoying second of effort.

Hell, for an intermediate skill and an attribute point, I would have rounded third base with the tanuki.

(Chillax, Judgey McJudgeyface. I'm pretty sure I'm kidding.


I mean, there's definitely a question as to whether it's even bestiality if it's all virtual–

–but I realize the debate about that particular moral ambiguity is possibly not the most relevant line of thinking at this moment, and probably I should just get back to the game now, so...)

I swipe open my Status Window to ogle my beautiful Vitality point in action.


Name: Erebus

Race: D'Raven

Class: --

Subclass: --

Title: --

Level: 1 EXP: 25/100

HP: 60

SP: 22


Strength: --

Agility: 2

Intelligence: --

Vitality: 1

Mythic Hero Ranking: ???

Unique Sigil:

Windflower Emblem - Heart of a Champion: +100 World Reputation. Power of the Winds: +5% Running Speed, +8% Flying Speed, +10% Flying Height. (Hidden Attribute effects unavailable to view.)

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My breath hitches as I gaze upon the low and nonexistent numbers. It's been two years, but I can still remember every single stat and skill of my Max Lvl 150 Ranger on Team Digital Discord.

It's stupid that this VR status screen reminds me of that other screen, that relic from a bygone era, now only viewed by the seventeen-year-old 'prodigy' who swooped in to scavenge the shattered shards of my broken life.

This shimmering silver window looks nothing like the lurid green status screen of my old life.

But in some ways, it's exactly the same.

I slowly clench my right fist over and over again, as if to remind myself that here, now, in this magical virtual world, I am whole.

This is my refuge, and nothing will take it away from me.

I focus on the "Mythic Hero Ranking" stat line. It didn't exist in the beta, but I quickly realize it must be related to Zhao Jianyu's crazy pledge to reward the best player with majority shares in Vir-Tech.

I don't know how many Realms will be conquered before the first official ranking tabulation will be released, but I pledge to myself right now that when the day comes that I open my Status Window and a number replaces the ???, that number will be 1.

And so help me, I'll never see another number in that slot as long as I play this game of dreams.


As I walk back to the village with Little Jojo and Neko, I take the time to get my head back on straight. I focus on breathing–which yes, I know is weird in a virtual world, but if it works, it works–and distract myself by peering into the darkness on either side of the path, differentiating shadows and strengthening my night vision.

I'm hoping that if I work on the ability, it might boost my Perception stat. Currently, my Perception must be lower than 15, since that's the level needed to Perceive one's own Hidden Attributes: Fortitude, Luck, Charisma, and Perception.

By the time the familiar treehouses come into view, I'm back to my usual game-loving self, and more than ready to track down the next Foundation Skill Quest.

Right before I split off, I remember something. "Yo, kid, what about that reward from the lost pet poster?"

Jojo blinks, wide-eyed, at my expectant open palm. "Isn't the satisfaction of a job well done enough of a reward for a mighty hero like you?"

"Not even." I move my hand closer to him. "Satisfaction doesn't pay the bills."

"But I don't have money! I'm just a kid!"

"Why did the poster say '100 Gold Reward' then?"

"Cause that's what Wanted posters always say, right? And I wanted Neko back!"

I have no words for that logic.

Shaking my head, I flick the stingy kid's forehead for good measure, scratch Neko under the chin, and head out to find my fortune.


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